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Asteroom Virtual Tour by We Get Around Atlanta Chief Photographer Dan Smigrod | Virtual Staging by Asteroom | Shot with Labpano Pilot One 360 Camera | [See Before Virtual Staging]

Screen Grab 1: Asteroom Virtual Staging Style: Modern

Screen Grab 2: Asteroom Virtual Staging Style: Contemporary

Screen Grab 3: Asteroom Virtual Staging Style: Scandinavian

Screen Grab 4: Asteroom Virtual Staging Style: Industrial

Screen Grab 5: Asteroom Virtual Staging Style: Traditional

Screen Grab 6: Asteroom Virtual Staging Style: Farmhouse

WGAN-TV Intro to Asteroom Virtual Tour Platform with Co-Founder and CEO Eric Tsai #1463-Asteroom Virtual Staging Demo (Begins at: 1:51)


WGAN-TV Live at 5: Asteroom Virtual Staging: a Deep-Dive Demo & Discussion with Co-Founder and CEO Eric Tsai

Hi All,

Vacant homes in the United States sell for $11,306 less and spend more days on market compared to occupied homes. In the past, savvy agents have used physical staging to counteract this statistic — and it works. A Real Estate Staging Association report says: un-staged homes spent an average of 184 days on the market before staging, but after staging, sold in just 41 days on average.

Physical staging is not a cost-effective option for many sellers, with the service’s high price bracket keeping it nearly exclusive to the high-end luxury market. The average cost for physical staging can range from $300 to $600 for an initial consultation, and upwards of $500 for each staged room each month the property is staged, often costing thousands of dollars per month.

Virtual staging looks as good as real-life staging and costs much less: about 10 percent of physical staging.

According to the 2019 National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Home Staging Profile report:

✓ 83% of buyers' agents noted that staging made it easier for buyers to visualize the property as a future home.
✓ 25% of buyers’ agents said that staging a home increased the offer between 1% and 5% compared to un-staged listings.
✓ 17% of sellers’ agents said that staging increased the dollar value of a home between 6% and 10%.

On WGAN-TV Live at 5 on Thursday, 24 September 2020, Asteroom Co-Founder and CEO @EricTsai will do a deep-dive demo and discussion of Asteroom Virtual Staging (that will be out of public beta by the time of this show airs).

This WGAN-TV Live at 5 show will include:

1. examples of Asteroom virtual staging (before and after)
2. six (6) virtual staging styles available (see above screen shots)
3. how to order Asteroom virtual staging [via Asteroom (iOS | Android) app and Asteroom Desktop Editor]
4. Best practices for virtual staging
5. Should you virtually stage some or all rooms? (Some or all 360s?)
6. Why these rooms are likely the best prospects for virtual staging: living room, largest bedroom and kitchen
7. Virtual removing of existing furniture by Asteroom
8. How long is the Asteroom virtual staging turnaround?
9. Asteroom virtual staging pricing
10. How Asteroom virtual staging service and pricing compares to other virtual tour platforms
11. Your choice: ssing Asteroom - or 3rd-party service providers - to virtually stage a space.
12. 2D versus 360 virtual staging
13. The impact of COVID-19 on (the need for) virtual staging
14. How virtual staging can help real estate agents win more listing presentations


My aha moment about Asteroom Virtual Staging begins at 1:51 in the WGAN-TV Short Story (above, #1463) when Eric says: just virtually stage 2-3 360s to show the potential of the space (and keep the cost super-affordable).

Shortly after this interview, I joined Asteroom Virtual Tour: Virtual Staging public beta (and you can see my first virtual staging of an Asteroom virtual tour (above) that I shot with a Labpano Pilot One 360 camera earlier this year.

6 Reasons Asteroom Virtual Tour Virtual Staging ROCKS for residential real estate listings!

1. Couple of Rooms: You can (easily) order just a couple of rooms (360s) - of the entire listing - to be virtual staged.
2. Price: [Eric will reveal pricing during the upcoming WGAN-TV Live at 4 show]
3. Workflow: By integrating ordering in the Asteroom App (iOS | Android) (and Asteroom Desktop Editor), it is super-easy and super-fast to order virtual staging
4. Fast Turnaround: I got my virtual staging in less than 24 hours! It was actually ready the next morning.
5. Choice of five furniture styles
6. Asteroom Virtual Staging is an easy, fast and affordable way to differentiate your 24/7 Open House Virtual Tour service for real estate agents.

I could imagine you could offer Virtual Staging for 2-3 times your cost.

I the workflow integration. Time is money. Create the tour with Asteroom. Order the virtual staging within Asteroom app. Easy-peasy.

The info I share above is how the Asteroom Virtual Staging experience will work when it exits public beta. I wanted to share Asteroom Virtual Staging with you now so that if you are deciding which platform is right for you, you have insight into the Asteroom technology roadmap.




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