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WGAN-TV Intro to Asteroom Virtual Tour Platform with Founder and CEO Eric Tsai #1472-Pricing For Asteroom

WGAN-TV Live at 5 | Deep-Dive Demo of Asteroom Desktop Editor Features with Asteroom Co-Founder and CEO @EricTsai | Thursday, 10 September 2020

Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle Now Includes 2D Schematic Floor Plans

Hi All,

Good news ...

The Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle - available exclusively for WGAN Forum Members - now includes 2D Schematic Floor Plans at no additional charge.

Asteroom Co-Founder and CEO Eric Tsai announced this on WGAN-TV Live at 5 Thursday, 10 September 2020 during a deep-dive demo of Asteroom Desktop Editor Features. (Please see video above)

Take Asteroom for a spin with no monthly subscription with the Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle special pricing for WGAN Forum Members:

No monthly subscription
✓ create the virtual tour with up to 30 360 photo spheres (likely sufficient for 90 percent of listings)
create the 3D dollhouse view
✓ create 2D Schematic Floor Plans (your choice: with/without measurements and Feet/Inches or Metric
professionally edit the 360 panoramas
✓ 6 months of hosting
✓ (additional 6 months hosting available for $15)
✓ (additional 360 photo spheres may be added to the tour for $1.50 each)
✓ $60 one-time payment

Asteroom Pay Per Tour (PPT) Special Pricing for WGAN Members (nicely loaded) is good (at least) through 31 July 2021 and then subject to change.

How to Receive the WGAN Coupon Code for Asteroom

Either join the free WGAN Forum (free) to receive the COUPON CODE or Private Message me (@DanSmigrod) with the subject line:
Asteroom Pay Per Tour Pricing for WGAN Members

Coming Soon from Asteroom

✓ virtual staging (presently in public beta)

Asteroom 3rd Party Solution Integration

Asteroom pairs nicely with these Single Property Website Solutions (Branded, Unbranded):

WP3D Models WordPress Plugin
Show & Tour



P.S. WGAN Standard and Premium Members receive - free - the first Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle using this WGAN Form (Private Message me for the Password.)

Transcript (1st Video Above)

- Okay. So, and 60 panoramas ... how ... I mean, how big a house is that that's a pretty big house.

- No 30 panoramas, sorry.

- Excuse me. My mistake. 30 panoramas.

- Yes.

- That's a pretty big house. So is that covering for 2,500; 3,500; 5,000 square feet?

- I would say like within four or five of 30 it should cover it. It only depends on how many exterior shots you're taking.

- Okay, so for the typical house, it's $60.

- Yes.

- Okay. So that's the Pay Per Tour.

- Pay Per Tour, Yes.

- What is the subscription price?

- None. There's zero. There's no ongoing subscription. It's all you pay when you have a tour.

- So this is really awesome. If you've been looking at tour platforms where you have to pay a monthly subscription, whether you use it or not, for We Get Around Network Forum Members, Pay Per Tour up to six months. So if you're doing residential real estate, that's likely to include every listing that you probably will shoot and it is probably hosted for enough.

And if you need more hosting or you need more panoramas you have that option. So the next question is okay, great. How do I identify myself as a We Get Around Network Forum Member? Starting on Monday, July 27, when you join the We Get Around Network Forum. ...

Eric let's take it off screen share. When you join the We Get Around Network Forum, you will automatically get an email from me that includes 50 plus membership benefits, including the special coupon code for Asteroom in order to get the ... the Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle for WGAN Members.

And if you are already We Get Around Network Forum Member there's as of today there's about 6,500 registered Members, just simply private message me with the subject line, Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle, and I'll private message you back with the promo code. Simple! So awesome.