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FloorPro2ProblemShiny Floors

Shiny Shop Floors, Building the 3D Tour - issue?13022

Sarasota, Florida
BlueImmersiveMedia private msg quote post Address this user
I have a large shoot coming up. I noticed the shop floors where shiny. Are there any issues with reflection affecting the images and the clean creation of the Tour? Has anyone dealt with this? I was going to use MP Pro2.


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CharlesHH private msg quote post Address this user
You should be fine. They are there in real life and will be in the model.

To play safe, maybe finish the shoot. Duplicate the model and add some extra 360 photos and convert to 3D scans and resubmit. No extra cost for doing a second submission.

Your dollhouse is may look horrible with those low lights and high girder roof. I've had to switch it off sometimes.
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Sarasota, Florida
BlueImmersiveMedia private msg quote post Address this user
The reflection on the car tops came out awful on the test run. You can see the tops of the car are the reflection of the banners above. So the floor reflection was a concern.

We will be shutting off the dollhouse view. Im hoping the floor is fine when not in dollhouse view, as this was.

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Orchard Park, New York
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, so I think if you go down to where those cars are the ones with the fractured roofs, and set your tripod high enough to scan those roofs up close, and then rescan the other image that showed the fractures, maybe that will help.

I'm getting a lot of artifacts in my matterport scans and I don't know why, but I feel your pain.
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Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
@GETMYVR Yes did a shoot last week for a very big client and had only two days onsite. The artifacts is absolutely horrible, especially the exterior 360 from balconies, took 6 shots at different heights and distance from the railing, all had broken artifacts. Also door handles and other things like cylindrical light fittings are broken. Never had that problem when I was shooting with Geocv. And the color and textures are also getting very bad in Matterport. Sorry to say but Matterport is slowly not the best looking Virtual Tour solution out there. I hope they Strat pulling up their socks soon and address these issues and stop trying to sell cameras to the masses , does not help you do that but your product is falling behind in R&d.

When last did they launch anything exciting and new ? Please don't say iPad scanning. I am talking UX , or our whilst of 6 years now.

They need to open the platform, and also self hosting soon. As more and more clients getting educated on Matterport and once you explain they dont own the content only the use of it, and they cant self host, the reply is 100% no thank you we will look at something else. ( Have a client with over 250 hotels and they said they like it but sorry we cant use it if we cant host it on their servers non negotiable. They are also not interested in getting a Matterport account as when they self host works them out way cheaper. Trust me they ran all the numbers. So now we are looking at 3D Vista , yes longer workflow but 1000% x better looking tours )
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