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Scanning a boat hull advice12923

Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user

I have been approached by a boat builder to scan a hull mould for them , 50 FT.

But I have some concerns. As they would want the interior and exterior of the hulls canned and want the OBJ / point cloud for it. As they want to use it for their flex test and also once delivered at the boat yard scan again to make sure the hull did not flex with the transport.

How would one scan this ? Two separate models and just merge the point cloud in CAD ?


Maybe build some wooden steps at the hull side and move the camera in like that ? As I think once you raise the camera too high and it gets inside once pressing the Matterport will create a second floor.

Ideally maybe get a BLK and scan with that , as their point cloud is way more accurate than Matterports and also not risking artifacts getting bent in the tour, as this is getting really bad in Matterport. I did 20 scans for a client and all the scans interior and exterior have really bad bent artifacts. Was so bad I had to refund the customer. And does not help to speak to Matterport support as you cant wait 4 weeks for an answer and seeing Dee is not there anymore see no way of having this fixed. Wish they will spend more time on development and less time trying to sell cameras.
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SiteTour360 private msg quote post Address this user
I think BLK would be the way to go for that project...more accurate point cloud and easier alignment.
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WGAN Forum
Atlanta, Georgia
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Portland, OR-based Topa 3D Founder and CEO Paul Tice (Linkedin) about your question.

Paul teaches this course:

Lynda Course: Learning Pix4D Drone Mapping with Matterport Pro Paul Tice

And, was my guest on this WGAN-TV Live at 5 Show:

Transcript: WGAN-TV How to Make Money with Matterport in the AEC Space

Like @SiteTour360, Paul recommends BLK360 (or higher) and ClouCompare software to compare the before and after point clouds.

Paul writes:


For this sort of project Dan, I would have recommended scanning on two different occasions before and after transport with a BLK360 or better laser scanner. And then I would compare the two point clouds produced from the scanners using cloud compare software to verify the deviation using a sort of heat map visualization. I would not mess with the OBJ files at all until the final deliverable because they’re very in accurate as a data type. The OBJ is produced based on averages of the point cloud data meshed so it’s like Matterport point cloud data but about twice as an inaccurate


Matterport is a visualization tool only and should not be used for engineering applications That require better than a 3 to 6 inch tolerance.

ClouCompare is actually the name of the software. It's free to use (open source)


Please share with us what you decide to do and the results.


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