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'Boats' Topics

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Did not get a job. Have I asked too much? Wingman 6 2 monthsWingman (2236): I can see my quote is the same or less. I asked for $2500 AUD for two weekend days. It is slightly less than $2000 USD I did not lose to anyone, an idea was cancelled by a client who was expecting to pay less than $1000 for it. Could I do it for $1000? After I did more research & saw each boat pictures from different angles I realised that they were much smaller than I thought both in terms of indoor and outdoor scanning. Most likely...
Yacht Matterport scanning & challenges Wingman 13 11 monthsDanSmigrod (25839): Thanks for letting me know. Dan
Matterport 3D Tours of Boats/Ships/Yachts DanSmigrod 7 2 yearsBurak (5): Here is my second work,even i set up ''flying bridge'' as a 3. floor it didn't work.Don't know why maybe cause i couldnt handle stairs. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=MCY2n2xgwUB
Scanning Boats Burak 1 2 yearsBurak (5): Hello everybody, I have questions to Matterport users,anybody shooting in boats?And do you know where can I find some tips or info about how to build space in boats/yatchs.Last week I made my first try and it was almost done.For example I opened flying bridge as a 3.floor but it didn’t work.Is it because there is no walls around? Burak
Guess what happens when you scan with Matterport over a moving boat ? ELAN42 9 3 yearsELAN42 (125): THANKS, it was not published :( I fixed it.
Would you scan a cruise ship with Matterport? Right solution? DanSmigrod 9 3 yearsAirborneworks (1): I agree the BLK-360 is a great option with the range and semi auto registration, while the matterport can get the HD imaging overlay, that would be a good gig scanning a fleet of cruise ships. We are new to this group and a nationalLeica dealer. Leica just came out with the RTC-360 this scanner is a bit less then 4 times the BLK price point. Offers 2 Million scans a second has true auto registration with one button operation. We have a very...
Big Yachts I Scanned with Matterport DouglasMeyers 6 4 yearsBryan (23): @DouglasMeyers Thank you for the replay! It is the best way to show a product online but the yachtbrokers in Holland are still a little scared or something, they don't really getting it yet. I dont know why. However i do work together with an rv broker, made 5 scans yesterday. And first international succes already happend, guy in switzerland bought an rv by seeing the scan, getting all the information he needed by phone and trusting the...
Matterport 3D Tour of the Day: Frisky Lady DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25839): Hi All, From the We Get Around Network Forum Gallery ... https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=5fuDZZEgskj&utm_source=4 Frisky Lady | Matterport Pro: 3DOgraphy | Engage This Pro | WGAN Forum Member: @3DOgraphy --- To see hundreds and hundreds of Matterport Spaces around the globe, visit the We Get Around Network Forum Gallery. https://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/bfb93a1cc723d10f127955b369ec3318.png It's free to...
Yacht tour please DouglasMeyers 2 4 yearscraigsauer (1075): Here's one I did: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=P7XEMUHTuLz
Just wanted to share 2 of our last scans Olivius 11 5 yearsProperty3dNZ (616): Thats awesome! I would have been worried with the movement of the boat the camera might have fallen over!
Yacht Scanning and pricing Gregclicks 5 5 yearsOlivius (91): We are also scanning yachts in the French Riviera. Some are really complexe to do when shooting at sea. See our last one http://www.visitesimmo.com/index.php/3d-model/kingdom-come/fullscreen/ For info this have been done in 5 hours and around 200 scans it's not perfect, but will be fixed and completed in september with the new matterport features announced ;)
Boat 3D tour for client presentation? FloridaProperties 8 5 yearsFloridaProperties (85): Thanks CDM! That's so cool
$7 Mil Yacht Invelop 20 5 yearsDreammachine (35): Billionaire hangouts are cool, but you can't eat or pay this months bills with advice and small talk. So my question to you is.. Did the client invest: Over or under $1000 for your services? 💰💰💰
VR sample of boat and RV (sample to share) ? joelE 7 6 yearsjoelE (73): @DanSmigrod, you are in good contact with them, you should ask them too on your side, more power ;)
why a Sunken Living Room Becomes a Multi-Floor? Mikesobay 17 6 yearsMaria (106): I've had this issue pop up on occasion. Besides a sunk in living area become its own floor, we have also seen a floor of a split level home become an extension of the first floor. From my discussion with Matterport on the issue, they are tweaking their processing algorithms to prevent/reduce the occurrences of wrong floor issue. Back up your iPad scans so you can resubmit them later. Until then, turning of the floors is the best solution.