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Anyone Work/Capture With An Assistant1268

BrianM private msg quote post Address this user
Hello all,

Does any work with an assistant? What is your onsite work flow?

The reason I'm asking is that over the weekend I fractured my 5th metatarsal in my left foot. Luckily I can drive and today the orthopedic specialist moved me off crutches into a knee high boot. Now I am somewhat more mobile but a lot slower. I realize that stair are going to be tricky

I wondering if an assistant would be of use?
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Bluemarble1 private msg quote post Address this user
buy some cheap walkie talkies sit in a chair out of range of the camera, have your assistant move the camera around the space and beep when you're ready to do the next scan ..i did a job yesterday i did the stills and ran the matterport at the same time..pretty simple
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Maria private msg quote post Address this user
I don't work with assistant, but I do work but with my husband and so that kind of accomplishes the same thing. We don't always work at the same time on projects but when we do it can make things a little faster but not so much so that I could see it being profitable to hire an assistant full-time. The bottleneck is in the camera's speed. My suggestion is if your injury is temporary hire somebody or enlist the help of a real estate agent that you're working with to move the camera for you on the upstairs portion of the property.
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MikeFrey private msg quote post Address this user
I have used the Matterport camera with and without an assistant and I would say that it is helpful, especially with the more complex jobs. The more windows and mirrors there are to deal with, the tighter the spaces are and the more obstacles you have to work around, the more an assistant will help. It doesn't hurt to trade off jobs, with one person moving the camera/tripod and the other working the iPad.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
My partner and I do this all the time. The only issue we come up with is some times he is to far away and we loose the wifi connection with the camera and loose the last scan. So if you pick an area that is in close proximity to the camera and park it, it should go fine. We find on bigger houses it works faster because one of us is marking up the APP while the other is placing the camera. I hope this helps.

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