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Topics tagged with Advise'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Help! Big Matterport Scan to be done Riaan 7 2 yearsRiaan (52): Only doing it in January 2018 but will provide feedback
Start again or pick up where I left off? FlightMedia 9 2 yearsFlightMedia (73): A big thank you for your help, attended on a wet day and ended up adding some more scans to fill in the blanks, area was a bit darker and customer happy so far, so a little bit more workshop work to do then put this one to bed. Thanks again everyone Al
Advertising? srennick 6 3 yearsjustinv (1021): What social media platforms are you wanting to advertise on? I am trying to find time to do a Facebook ad to see what results I can get. I also have another idea. Go online and see who is paying for advertisements and send them an email directly to give me a second way of getting in front of them.
Backing Up/Saving Scans Off of iPad danmorell 8 3 yearsdanmorell (73): @Metroplex360 - I would agree. Based on the terms of service it's a delicate dance of staying within the lines. I also need to stop fiddling and planning and start scanning lol. @Max_Sodomovskiy - I reviewed your method and it seems viable. Something I will have to hold my breath and test out to see how everything goes. I need to get a fresh iPad, take a test scan, complete the methods out that are being talked about and determine which works...
how to allow only the dollhouse views PedroAvilez 4 3 yearsAndrew (223): Hi! It's easy. Download obj. Load to Share your model. Profit :)
3 newbie questions Dutchinny 2 4 yearsJamie (1845): No merging multiple cameras Once you delete the scan from your iPad, it's gone. You can rescan a room after its been processed, assuming it's mostly unchanged Yes you need to keep an active account going for that model to be alive. If you win the lottery, just pay for it with your winnings :)
Anyone Work/Capture With An Assistant BrianM 5 4 yearsron0987 (1153): BrianM My partner and I do this all the time. The only issue we come up with is some times he is to far away and we loose the wifi connection with the camera and loose the last scan. So if you pick an area that is in close proximity to the camera and park it, it should go fine. We find on bigger houses it works faster because one of us is marking up the APP while the other is placing the camera. I hope this helps. Ron
Matterport Meets Instagram: How Pros Do This DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (19062): A new Matterport User Group Forum Member writes in a "wish list" thread: What are the various workflows Pros are using for Matterport --> Instagram (By the way, many tech savvy real estate agents at the Inman Connect conference use Instagram.) Best, Dan P.S. @Barbarakite Great question and welcome ...
My solution to get invoices paid on time Marcel 12 4 yearsStevenHattan (1510): How about send a letter to all the Realtors telling them what happened....then...send a letter to the builder and say, "I'm a local Realtor and received a letter you're not paying your bills. If this is true I will never send a buyer yoru way and make sure everyone knows how you operate." It only takes a single person not to buy from him and he's lost tenfold.
Scanning the market Bo911 11 4 yearsDoyleRealtor (512): Agreed, I'm anxious to see what they come up with. In review of my previous comment, I probably should have proof read it and clarified some of my points a little better.
Realtor/Matterporter Asks (Anonymously) DanSmigrod 3 5 yearsTim (355): I'm not a photographer, but we opted to charge less in order to do more for the exposure...