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Question of the Day: EXACT wording of your disclaimer on floor plans?12667

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

2D Floor Plan example courtesy of Matterport. The disclaimer reads: GROSS INTERNAL AREA FLOOR 1: [SIZE] sq ft, FLOOR 2: [size] sq ft TOTAL [size] sq ft SIZES AND DIMENSIONS ARE APPROXIMATE, ACTUAL MAY VARY


2D Floor Plan example courtesy of Asteroom. The disclaimer reads: SIZES AND DIMENSIONS ARE APPROXIMATE, ACTUAL MAY VARY.


2D Floor/Site Plans example courtesy of CAPTUR3D. The disclaimer text reads: [Address] TOTAL APPROX. FLOOR AREA [size] SQ.FT "Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the floor plan contained here, measurements of doors, windows, rooms and any other item are approximate and no responsibility is taken for any error, omission, or misstatement. This plan is for illustrative purposes only and should only be used as such by any prospective purchaser.

Hi All,

The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Friday, 31 July 2020:

What is the EXACT wording of your disclaimer on your floor plans?

For example:

✓ if you order floor plans from Matterport, the disclaimer will read:

✓ if you order floor plans from Asteroom, the disclaimer will read:

✓ if you order floor plans from MP2FP, the disclaimer will read what you want it to read:
"There are no logos or additional branding from MP2FP on the produced floorplans. If you upload your logos and disclaimer text or other fixed content we will add these as default to all your floorplans without any extra charges per prior agreement," says the MP2FP website.

✓ if you order floor/site plans from CAPTUR3D, you can specify the disclaimer text. Please see above for default example.



P.S. This question was inspired by discussion in this WGAN Forum topic:

Where to get Floor plans for Matterport Tours shot with Ricoh Theta Z1?

Originally Posted by @ironwills
Adding some thoughts here. I just started using @MP2FP and I am very happy with the result. Slightly more $ than other options but they seem really tight.

My problem is my clients. Almost every floor plan I have done they come back with changes. the last was the Sq footage was off by 11 sq/ft. Then there was the seller who was an architect. Then the seller who said the patio was the wrong dimensions and shape.

I am struggling with trying to explain these aren't builder plans but marketing tools.

Anyone else?

Originally Posted by @VTLV
I thought there was another name to use in front of the word floor plan that was commonly used 10+ years ago. This word was used to demonstrate the difference between an architectural versus for esthetic use.

Maybe the word is “schematic”. Would anyone in UK notice a word use difference with floor plans being more commonly used there? I think there’s some keywords we need to home into or insert a certain disclaimer sentence.
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New Interior
Bellevue, Washington
ftosolini private msg quote post Address this user
I have an agent who asks me every time to remove the measurements from the floor plan because time ago he noticed a pretty big discrepancy. So, now I deliver the floor plan with only the name of the rooms and the Matterport logo.
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