Hello all JuMP users,

Due to update of Chrome browser, our JuMP extension can't be supported.
JuMP Chrome extension for Matterport Sq.Ft.(Sq.M.) measurement is down.

But you can use below workarround:

Visit this page: http://www.iit3d.com/me?index=Re2dgaSVCRj to get below output
Measure of [Re2*****CRj] is 1425.28 Sq.Ft. ( 132.41 m2 )

Replace the showcase ID to yours and you can get the result.
Make sure to refresh the page at least twice to make sure the result is yours.
Maybe it will return others result.

BTW we have JuMP-ME v2.0 that can be used to measure the showcase with cutting/filling tools.
If you want to try please PM JuMP.

Thank you.
JuMP team from Beijing China