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'JuMP' Topics

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Try JuMP-MIRROR to remove camera from your mirror JuMP 15 1 yearKumar (534): Take your time... Plans - I most welcome 'pay as you go or one time buy' than fixed subscriptions :)
JuMP Chrome extension for Matterport Sq.Ft.(Sq.M.) measurement is down JuMP 1 1 yearJuMP (1529): Hello all JuMP users, Due to update of Chrome browser, our JuMP extension can't be supported. JuMP Chrome extension for Matterport Sq.Ft.(Sq.M.) measurement is down. But you can use below workarround: Visit this page: http://www.iit3d.com/me?index=Re2dgaSVCRj to get below output Measure of [Re2*****CRj] is 1425.28 Sq.Ft. ( 132.41 m2 ) Replace the showcase ID to yours and you can get the result. Make sure to refresh the page at...
JuMP Chrome Extension Still Active? CTownMedia 6 2 yearsCTownMedia (89): Worked, thanks again @Queen_City_3D
Most convenient tool for SQFT(SQM) by now! JuMP Jump to first page35Jump to last page 3 yearsJuMP (1529): @Gerhard Our server is under good condition. And I am not sure why you can't use it. Lots of friends already confirmed that it can work under Chrome in Mac system. Would you please try to upgrade your Chrome browser to the latest version?
IIT3D will replace Matterport soon JuMP 5 3 yearsJuMP (1529): @ron0987 Don't be disappointed. Happy April 1st! You will see something very soon. It won't be a revolution but an improvement.
How to make Private Showcase popular by all? JuMP 5 3 yearsJuMP (1529): @Metroplex360 Thank you for notice the TOS risk here. But we already think about it and we will keep the JuMP-UV as the TOS friendly application. JuMP-UV will be a system with some iframe pages generation to make the private showcase presentation easier than current mode. We think it will be something like the WP3DModels Application that you used popular now. But JuMP-UV provide quite different functions to the WP3DModels. If Matterport...