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WGAN List of 150+ 3D/360º Virtual Tour Hosting Platforms/Software10110

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
WGAN Forum Membership Benefit of the Week

WGAN List of 150+ 3D and 360º Virtual Tour Hosting Platforms

Hi All,

To receive the WGAN List of 150+ 3D/360º Virtual Tour Hosting Platforms, join the WGAN Forum (free).

(You will automatically receive a Private Message from me that includes a link to this list in a Google Sheet.)

If you are already a WGAN Member, please Private Message me with the Subject Line:
WGAN List of 3D/360 Hosting Platforms

The WGAN List of 150+ 3D and 360º Virtual Tour Hosting Platforms/Software includes:

✓ 3D/360º Hosting Platforms website URL
✓ 3D/360º Hosting Platforms Pricing Page URL
✓ WGAN Forum Tags
✓ And more!


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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Requesting help!

I love Dan's proactive suggestion that the WGAN forum should have a master list - actually a spreadsheet - of all 3D and 360° tour platforms. This is not a simple matter as they proliferate and are constantly evolving. It will take dedicated work from a good number of us to both assemble this list and keep it up-to-date as systems are revised, added and sometimes disappear. But each time one of us is confronted with a client who wants something we haven't before provided, the info to make a quick decision will be available to us.

When Dan posted this list, my first response was that these platforms cannot be easily classified. To my knowledge (and I could be wrong since yesterday!) only Matterport and GeoCV capture both panos and depth data. But other systems can now create dollhouse views, such as NodalView which I personally love and use. These 360° camera "dollhouse" views smash furniture as flat imagery on the floors and walls, but otherwise the dollhouse is pretty good, usable and even navigates you between rooms. Bottom line, there are many, many variables offered by all these platforms.

So, I propose that we (I can't do it alone) create a spreadsheet of all these platforms with the system names down the left, vertical column, and capabilities across the top, horizontal header. The ranking order down the left should be based on the greatest total number of capabilities offered by each, and we'll figure out some logical order across the top as we go. Here's just a start to that list:

Shoots 360° panos?
Records depth data? (MP and GeoCV)
Dollhouse with furnishings? (MP and GeoCV)
Dollhouse walls only? (like NodalView)
Dollhouse navigation? (MP, GeoCV, NodalView...)
Floor Plans?
Floor plan measurements?
Ceiling plans?
Minimap which shows navigation?
Accuracy of measurements? (ie, MP claims 99%. I'm sure a NodalView dollhouse is less, if any)
Exports .obj?
Exports .pts?
2D snapshots
Export panoramas? (GeoCV)
Can import retouched panoramas as replacement for originals? (GeoCV)
Can import panoramas from other cameras and drone into tour? (GeoCV, NodalView)
Export floor plans? (MP and GeoCV)
Re-import to 3D tour edited floor plans? (GeoCV)
Delivers 3D Outdoor Mode? (GeoCV)
Teaser videos? (MP)
White label hosting? (GeoCV)
Self-Hosting? (GeoCV)
Can add aerial panos to Highlight Tour? (GeoCV)
Tags/Markers? (MP Mattertags, GeoCV Pins)
Tags/Markers can embed: Text, Photos, Video, URLs, 3D objects?

and I expect this is just a beginning...

Dan, if one individual is needed to compile the info, sort of monitor the spreadsheet, I'll do it. Question is, can this somehow be displayed on your WGAN forum site for everyone to see, and in such a way that I can easily update it?

If yes, I will begin laying this out and many, many forum members who have experience with these platforms will need to weigh in with their expertise to provide the info required.

Any comments from the group?
Thank you!
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for volunteering to help edit the WGAN List of 150+ 3D and 360º Hosting Platforms.

I (just) sent you invite via Google Sheets.

Perhaps if you add all the columns you feel would be helpful (and then add the data for the 3D/360º hosting platforms, that would be a great start.

The WGAN List of 150+ 3D and 360º Hosting Platforms Google Sheet is free for WGAN Forum Members to access. Anyone that joins the WGAN Forum (free), as of 18 Sept. 2019, automatically receives a Private Message from me with 50+ free Membership benefits; including a link to the Google Sheet described above.



P.S. This month, we will add another Tab to the WGAN Forum - 3D/360º Platforms - that will link to this post.
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Dazzle3D private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, can I access the WGAN Google Sheet?

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

I could imagine that many that are new to the WGAN Forum are searching for 3D/360 cameras and 3D/360 hosting platforms:

WGAN List of 150+ 3D/360º Virtual Tour Hosting Platforms/Software
WGAN List of 50+ 3D/360º Cameras for Virtual Tours

I recommend picking a platform before deciding on which camera.

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I need help choosing a 3D Virtual Tour Platform for by Real Estate Listings


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MortenKrog private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Dan,

How do I find this list again? The links in the PM is not working for me.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

The WGAN curated list of 150+ 3D/360 virtual tour platforms/software is free for WGAN Forum Members that Private Message me: @DanSmigrod with the subject line:
WGAN List of Virtual Tour Platforms/Software


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77506 7 7
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