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'Hosting' Topics

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Best Solution for Longterm Tour Hosting realeshots 4 28 daysbryanhscott (754): @realeshots I'm on the $9.95/mo plan that expired on Feb 29, 2020. When I get to the one-year mark, I will just change my subscription to their run-of-the-mill, public offering, which is found here: Though the monthly price goes up and the quantity of included panos goes down, it could well be a better deal when considering long-term hosting. Certainly worth checking out before you get to the end of your...
big corporate clients lose their tours 036360 11 2 monthsMeshImages (944): No corporate client will host +100 tours with a single tour photographer. Its always a question of make or buy. And the next question is wether to throw good money after bad. Same for me. The way Matterport introduced their Matterport Scan Services heavily damaged my confidence. And I am asking myself wether I shall continue to invest into this system (and hosting fees) or try to replace it.
Does CBRE have a Matterport Enterprise hosting account? 036360 1 2 months036360 (34): Any MSP here know if CBRE (Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis) has their own Enterprise hosting account? Their local office doesn't know and am wanting to transfer scans to them.
WGAN List of 150+ 3D/360º Virtual Tour Hosting Platforms/Software DanSmigrod 5 2 monthsDanSmigrod (21986): Hi All, I could imagine that many that are new to the WGAN Forum are searching for 3D/360 cameras and 3D/360 hosting platforms: ✓ WGAN List of 150+ 3D/360º Virtual Tour Hosting Platforms/Software ✓ WGAN List of 50+ 3D/360º Cameras for Virtual Tours I recommend picking a platform before deciding on which camera. Related WGAN Forum Discussion ✓ I need help choosing a 3D Virtual Tour Platform for by Real Estate...
How To Provide Client With Their Own Matterport Hosting Account homefinders3d 2 2 monthsDanSmigrod (21986): @homefinders3d Any reason not to make a profit on hosting, support and maintenance? Please see this related WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ Example of Charging for Matterport Monthly Hosting, Support and Maintenance If you are not charging recurring revenue, you are leaving money on the table. If you do not want to host / or your client(s) want to host, I recommend that you have your clients set up the accounts directly to avoid business...
Dumping Matterport need to host a few scans for existing clients. Bollingerphoto 3 3 monthsHomePlanNZ (204): @Bollingerphoto The simple solution is to transfer the models to someone with a classic enterprise license, which costs about 1/10th of the newer active licensing cost to host. You'll be paying a dime, but not as many dimes. The down side is you need to transfer the models to their account, so you loose control over them - ensure there is T&Cs around it to retain your ownership. Though we haven't launched our 'Open Archive' service yet...
Long term hosting for client GETMYVR 5 3 monthsHomePlanNZ (204): @profx Thanks for clarifying my (poor) answer :)
Hosting Fees based on the New Matterport Pricing Plans johnwheatley 9 4 monthsGerhard (1129): @VTLV I agree with you. I don't understand this new pricing structure as it does not benefits me as a service provider at all. I have tours that I have to keep them active for a very long time, yes the client paid me a premium so it justifies hosting them for them. Who has the time to send out hundreds of invoices a month for coins for hosting its a waste of time, chasing clients for these payments? We need self-hosting option yesterday... ...
If you use MPEmbed, do you charge your clients extra coulee360 6 6 monthsAstroprojector (56): Thank you.
Labpano COO Li Wang Chats about Pilot One Features & New Hosting Platform DanSmigrod 5 6 monthsDanSmigrod (21986): @Kumar Price will be announced at CES this week, a Labpano team member told me last week. Best, Dan
Example of Charging for Matterport Monthly Hosting, Support and Maintenance DanSmigrod 11 7 monthsbryanhscott (754): @Wingman Thanks for the additional info. I appreciate the clarity. Sounds like a good plan.
Question of the Day: Solution for automating Monthly or Annual Billing? DanSmigrod 3 7 monthsrzphotoman (1419): I Use Simple to use.
Which is the Best 3D/360 Virtual Tour Platform/Software? DanSmigrod 4 7 monthsDanSmigrod (21986): Grab of eBlast received Saturday, 30 November 2019 Hi All, I am 80 percent done with Virtual Reality Pro course by Ben Claremont. Wish...
Hosted 360 images BlueImmersiveMedia 3 9 monthsDanSmigrod (21986): WGAN-TV Caryn with Garden Knome Software at the 2019 Google Street View Summit on Pairing a 360 Camera with Pano2VR @BlueImmersiveMedia Above is my interview with Caryn with Pano2VR at the 2019 Google Street View Summit in London last week. ✓ GSV19: Remove or Replace the Tripod in a 360º Photo via Pano2VR Software Best, Dan --
Video: Pano2VR Garden Gnome Software presentation at IVRPA Conference 2019 DanSmigrod 5 1 yearWingman (1297): So far I have used it to submit tours to GSV. I have Pano2VR Pro. I have learnt all related to GSV features of Pano2VR in a day doing a tour with 330 panos. I have not touched their custom virtual tour features yet, however I have seen a lot of custom tours done with Pano2VR and some of them are truly fantastic. The only thing is you really want to have two monitors for Pano2VR. It is impossible to fit Google Maps window, your pano explorer...
Contracts Thea_VR 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (21986): @Thea_VR ✓ WGAN Sample Forms Library Dan
How would you reply to this Matterport Pricing question? DanSmigrod 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (21986): Hi all, Does this additional info affect your thinking? Dan --- I asked the WGAN Member these follow-up questions: ✓ Do you charge this client a monthly or annual fee for hosting the model that you shot for them? ✓ Is this a client that might do a testimonial video for you? Here's what I heard back ... --- Hi Dan, Thanks for the quick post & reply! I’m charging them a [redacted]/month collaborator hosting fee that they have...
Hosting Fees 3dVuz 7 1 yearhometakes (1105): thats silly. so you have to un-archive it just to see the model in workshop?
Matterport Cloud Subscription: Approaching your hosting limit-$19 for up 50 DanSmigrod 7 1 yearWingman (1297): How are they going to use it now if their new plans say unlimited processing and hosting? I am also wondering how they are going to move MSPs from $49/month plan to $69/month plan. I am on $49/month now. What if I do not want to move to the one that will cost me extra $20/month? :-)
Question of the Day: What to do with your Matterport Spaces if you Quit MP? DanSmigrod 6 1 yearron0987 (1357): No worry Dan I am only running 96 models on going bases. Have a great weekend. Ron
Matterport hosting question: if I set some of my spaces to private... Buschstu 9 1 yearBuschstu (24): Dan thanks so much for your insights. I agree 100 percent on the recuring charge. Just hope i have not under priced the hosting so far .(At 10.00 for the year )That they will not want to pay higher monthly fees for hosting.Unless i lower the shooting fee.Nice thing is they cant make me re-shoot too much 1) they dont give much time before the move in to shoot 2) because once rented they have no acess
Matterport hosting/charging questions Thea_VR 5 1 yearDanSmigrod (21986): @Wonderdawg Great advice. As a WGAN Standard Member, you get the free use of Panoskin Pro: a tool for removing excess arrows (sergeant). Plus, with the Panoskin Custom Builder, you can create a tour using the Google Street View version - annotated for a website. Best, Dan
Matterport Pro 2 vs. Insta360 Pro 2 Thea_VR 10 1 yearThea_VR (36): @DanSmigrod Residential for now, hopefully moving to commercial soon.
Need Host for my 7 Matterport scans Divya 5 1 yearimmersivespaces (1121): @3dshowcaseuk I actually made that mistake. I loaded a bunch onto my iPad before deleting them from my account. It was fine until the iPad crashed one day and the models were lost. When I loaded the iPad backup, the models in the backup would not load. Unfortunately, Matteport simply refuses to address an adequate backup method for scans/models for users. It's a major shortcoming in their system.
Matterport versus CUPIX: Long Term Hosting DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsBuzzStudio (22): I really don't want Matterport to contact my clients at all! This would be a disaster for an already troubled relationship.
Matterport Alternative for Long-Term Self-Hosting for Commercial Spaces? DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsGarySnyder (1816): Thanks @DanSmigrod :)
Dear Matterport: About Your Pricing Plans DanSmigrod 16 2 yearsBycha (52): Does anyone know the price of MP Cloud-Only plans?
Transferring ownership of a scan to a client Liam_Tayler 1 2 yearsLiam_Tayler (218): Hello, I read the post about transferring a scan to another hosting account, which seems straightforward, but (especially with the lite camera etc) Is it possible to transfer ownership of a single scan directly to a client and have them pay a low monthly fee? (the client wants to 'own' the scan (even though I know that Matterport always keep a copy). From what I can see, the lowest 'Cloud' account is a $49 USD, is that...
Alternative for confidential tours - CUPIX Snap Jump to first page51Jump to last page 2 yearsscott_cupix (272): A few updates for anyone on this thread. 1. Cupix Review and Compare feature has been ported into a publishable and therefore embeddable object. You can compare tours for review and directly share or embed the link. Additionally Cupix updated types of objects that can be compared. You can compare a Cupix tour against 3D BIM (Revit, IFC, Sketchup) as well as against points in time. Check out this thread for more information:...
The dreaded long-term hosting question Scrantastic 8 2 yearschermle (4): I know you're looking for a contract. I can't help you there, but I do think it's advisable to specify time constraints. I was bidding on a job recently, and one of the terms the potential client wanted was "indefinite" hosting. I discussed a few options with him, all of which he declined. If he was the only client you got in a year, and I'm not saying that's your situation. client just cost you $600.00. Depending upon how the scan...
long time no see Vincentlublink 4 2 yearsVincentlublink (63): Hello Dan, Long time no see. Thank you for the answers. keep up the work, good to see that after 5 years you still here, top. Greating from me. Vincent Lublink if you like to know what I am doing now:
Reactivating an old model Cindiewozniak 4 2 yearsQueen_City_3D (2584): @Cindiewozniak I guess it depends on your working relationship with that agent. It doesn't cost you anything to push a button to have it active again, and so far it seems that Matterport has been holding off with their insane idea to charge for going over the hosting limits (MATTERPORT: Remove that from your plans and you will 100% sell more cameras!!!). Personally if it was me I'd let him use it again. He paid for it once and I'd want to keep...
Cupix supports 360 Video for Capture?! WHOA Metroplex360 13 2 yearsMetroplex360 (9281): @DanSmigrod enjoyed seeing the demonstration. I would certainly want to get a gimble on a helmet PLUS a mini segway. I'm looking forward to watching Cupix as it develops. I was immediately blown away by...
Leaving Matterport but still need scan host tombook 3 2 yearsMatt19 (216): I think returning it as Dan stated would be a great idea! They need to learn that decisions like this will effect their bottom line!
How much for hosting 300+ Matterport Spaces? DanSmigrod 5 3 yearsPHILG (79): How many do your largest clients have?
Price over 100 scans conVRts_JB 17 4 yearsTourMySpace (61): Yeah thats no fun.
WordPress vs Drupal | WordPress vs Joomia DanSmigrod 4 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9281): I just re-read my post and I meant 'if I use best practices' :)
Hosting Fees passed to Customer? lisahinson 11 4 yearssrennick (349): COSTS are about .60 per month after the max. I asked.
Hosting Fees leeverdon 5 4 yearsleeverdon (223): Great suggestion, thanks Metroplex360!
hosting tours plus URL's JCHAFE 14 4 yearsrpetersn (1956): Hi @chdsi80, I'm not sure I'm 100% following you...can you try elaborating a bit more? WP3D Models leverages WordPress' ability to offer analytics for 'model' views that happen on your site. Additionally, because WP3D Models includes the option for custom embedding, one can obtain analytics data for model views when that model is embedded elsewhere on the web. In other words, you can add a model to your site (running WP3D Models), and then...
Web Host Contracts Noel 3 4 yearsNoel (94): @3DscannUK fair/good idea, thanks
Matterport By The Numbers DanSmigrod 4 5 yearsJamie (1848): Accuracy isn't 1" I measure with laser and I checked the same point the other day and a 50 foot measurement was off by 11 inches. This isn't within standard measuring tolerance