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HELP-client says Matterport Floor plans [not nice].9977

MagnaShow private msg quote post Address this user
Hey everyone,

I just finished a job for a client that needed detailed floor plans for his job.

First, I took my time scanning the area, then I placed the orders for both the floor plan and matterpak.

Unfortunately, Matterport delivered very basic measurements within the floor plan.

The client and I were pretty disappointed since the client depended heavily on Matterport's measurement ability.

Who can I give my scan's 3D assets to so that better floor plan measurements can be generated?

Please help!
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3dVuz private msg quote post Address this user
I’ve just started using Captur3D... NICE!
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

WGAN Forum related discussion:

Four Companies to Order 2D Schematic Floor Plans from Matterport 3D Tours

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ftosolini private msg quote post Address this user
A client of mine also complained about the inaccuracy of the Matterport measurements, apparently by a lot. Luckily in his case the measurements weren't essential, but it made me think that there's room for improvement. He even mentioned that he would have preferred to hide the measurements and leave the floor plan only as a general reference.
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MagnaShow private msg quote post Address this user
@ftosolini Any experience with how accurate the matterpak 3D assets are? Or are they still kinda off?

Thanks for your reply!
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ftosolini private msg quote post Address this user
@MagnaShow My guess is that since the source data of the floor plan and the matterpak are the same, the accuracy should be equivalent. Maybe the use of a Leica BLK 360 could improve the accuracy because the device is a laser scanner.
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Floor Plans
mp2fp private msg quote post Address this user
Dear @MagnaShow have long experience and can deliver all styles and types and a most possible accuracy based on the input we get. We as well can help to advice what is the best way to co-handle depending on your need.

* 2D Floorplans all styles and type of measures (metric or imp)
* 3D Floorplans all styles and categories
* With your own logo and full measurements without extra cost
* Included editable files so you can change all text and numbers
* Upload in the evening and we deliver in your morning (US)
* Ask for a good offer and deliveries for image editing and VHS
* WEGAN members get 10% discount on already competitive prices

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