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Will Matterport help create demand among home sellers?9798

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Video: WGAN-TV How Matterport Will Scale Exponentially Short Story #735 - Matterport CMO Chris Bell on "Will Matterport help create demand among home sellers?"

Hi All,

Will Matterport help create demand among home sellers?

That's the question that I asked Matterport Chief Marketing Officer Chris Bell during the WGAN-TV show on Thursday, 11 July 2019. Hear Chris' reply in this WGAN-TV Short Story (#735).

Your thoughts about his answer?



P.S. You can watch the entire interview with Matterport CMO Chris Bell here:

Transcript: WGAN-TV How Matterport will Scale Exponentially
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Los Angeles
Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Only when and if Matterport invests money in advertising which is DIRECTED AT HOME SELLERS - the general public. They have not done this for five years running, instead pitching mostly agents, OUR clients. You do the math.

Matterport should be devoting Chris Bell's time to getting Matterport in front of the general public. This would cause sellers to ask agents for 3D tours, and this would cause agents to hire photographers to create them. I and others have made this direct appeal repeatedly to no avail.

Evidence suggests that Matterport wants us to be Uber drivers - a nameless person with one of their cameras - and the perfect formula for driving costs to the lowest common denominator. (Have you asked your Uber driver what they think about the company?) It's part and parcel to Matterport's decision NOT to provide a white label solution, something MP users have wished in vain for since its launch, as an alternative to the constant "Powered by Matterport" watermarking. MSPs know it makes them look as disposable as Uber drivers.

But here's an idea. What if instead of calling Uber, you called George, a professional driver? What if George, without even being told, knew you needed to move a dining set and arrived with a truck? What if George divined that you were attending the Oscars and provided a limo with champagne, himself dressed in a stylish suit? What if he knew you were headed on a family vacation and arrived with a luxury motorhome stocked with provisions, even toys for your kids? If we do our jobs correctly, we are George, not Uber. Read this note about Ansel Adams.
clickable text

Adams' exquisite views of Yosemite are not watermarked with "Powered by Deardorf" or "Powered by Hasselblad." Why not? Because what Adams did with his equipment was more important than the equipment. Adams used judgment to select the best tools for each project and then applied his unique, artistic skill and taste. GeoCV respects this regarding 3D. MP does not. That's what white label means.

GeoCV offers white label. Whether you need or want this isn't the point. It reflects a company mindset. GeoCV is saying "we are here to support photographers." As long as "Powered by Matterport" is the only option on their platform, understand that this is their objective.

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