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Question Did Matterport Build Cortex with Our Copyrighted Scans?9670

Changesin3d private msg quote post Address this user
I really do not know the answer to this, but someone shared with me that MATTERPORT Cortex was built with what they called our copyrighted scans? Is that true are we getting paid for that? If this is true, where in the terms of Service did we give out permission for that.

If we protest this will be be terminated according to section 9 of the Terms of USE?

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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Not sure what you mean by "built by" previous scans.

In Matterport's own words,

"We use our unique Cortex AI (artificial intelligence) technology to approximate 3D depth from 2D cameras that don’t have 3D depth sensors.

Cortex understands objects, rooms, and the detailed characteristics of a space. It is a machine learning algorithm that is trained on billions of individual 3D images and data points from Matterport's large, worldwide library of 3D spaces." [SOURCE]

... I personally find it a stretch to equate training an algorithm on previous scans to being built by previous scans. After all, I'm sure they could have built the system without your particular models or mine for that matter... and aren't we happy with Cortex's ability to get rid of the black light spots on models??!
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CharlesHH private msg quote post Address this user
Does it matter honestly?
1. Would you prefer that the technology from which you are making money does not progress?
2. They are not breaching any privacy laws.
3. Your copyrighted images are not being displayed or sold.

While posting...
One of the first examples of face recognition that I saw was probably 20 years ago from Fujifilm and it worked well. They had access to millions of photos which, in those days, were scanned from negatives as one step in the print process.
However, face recognition is now being used by Facebook and others in a way that definitely breaches privacy.
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leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
I think Matterport most probably has some cameras of their own that they can use. I would be honored if they used my footage to create this awesome tool, I have seen the concrete benefits from it.
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Changesin3d private msg quote post Address this user
Again I do not know about this I am asking a TECH question. I was told by someone that to build CORTEX a massive amount of scans would have to be used and that the "Data Base" of scans (which would be our copyrighted scans) were used for this purpose.

The comparison that was used was your friend used your car without permission. Maybe you get upset maybe you just let it go. What I am asking is how did it happen. Was the data bank used?

The next step would be if Matterport did this want more will they do with that data bank?

Does Delete mean delete?
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leonherbert private msg quote post Address this user
I believe the following point in the TOS covers Matterport for use of tours to improve the AI>

User-Submitted Information.
You must exercise caution, good sense and sound judgment in using the Service. You are solely responsible for any material you transmit to or through the Service (or to us through email). You agree, represent and warrant that any information you transmit to or through the Service (or to us through email) is truthful, accurate, not misleading and offered in good faith, and that you have the right to transmit such information. Matterport has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor all conduct on, and content submitted to, the Service. Certain information collected from you on the Service is subject to Matterport’s privacy policy available in the footer of the Matterport website. You understand that, except as otherwise provided in Matterport’s privacy policy, Matterport does not guarantee confidentiality with respect to any material you submit to or through the Service. Except as expressly provided in Matterport’s privacy policy, you give Matterport an unrestricted, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, sublicensable, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display, publicly perform, transmit and distribute any such material you submit, without any payment or accounting to you or others. In addition, you waive any so-called “moral rights” in such material. For any such material that you submit, you represent and warrant that: (a) you have the right to submit the material to Matterport and grant the licenses set forth above; (b) Matterport will not need to obtain licenses from any third party or pay royalties to any third party; (c) the material does not infringe any third party’s rights, including intellectual property rights and privacy rights; and (d) the material complies with these Terms and all applicable laws.
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Changesin3d private msg quote post Address this user
So in the traditional sense you do not have copyright as if you took the picture with any other camera, say a Nikon, Canon or Sony, so why call it a camera? Interesting. Heck why call it a copyright? Think if your client insisted on having the copyright to the image can you really agree? Almost like you have to be an attorney to figure this out, right?
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