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Is Matterport using My 3D contacts to sell directly to my customers???9576

JCHAFE private msg quote post Address this user
I am spending thousands of $$$ a month on a 3D hosting website, and hundreds more pushing the 3D's on my Facebook page, and this week I have had 2 recently new customers tell me all of a sudden they are receiving soliciting emails from Matterport with product/pricing that they never received before, nor have visited their webpage.

Please explain this to me Matterport!! because if one more of my customers tell me this, then all 3 of your cameras are being tossed into the pond next to my house. I'm busting my ass to practically give away your product, and you're trying to cut my business out from under me. Its hard to get a fair price (i.e.: schematics) when every one of my customers know exactly what it costs me!!

If I was a wholesaler doing this behind the backs of all of our retail customers, NONE OF THEM would reorder from me. Time to protect each loyal Matterport provider like a franchisee, who's developing a business model for you on their own dime.

It doesn't take a genius for a real estate agent with a calculator to determine when its more feasible to buy their own camera as opposed to get me to provide the 3D's, its a damn commodity.
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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Did you give your clients collaborator access or add their email to the tour?
I've had maybe 15 agents tell me the same. I wonder how many haven't said anything. It's a very dirty business practice
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JCHAFE private msg quote post Address this user
No, I don't give any Agents collaborator rights, I offer a 3D/Photo combo package, but of course the Agents name, cell number, and email are in the contact/info area of the 3D tour itself.

I have a close relationship with our 250+ customers, as we have been providing them various services for 10 years now. I will be surveying the rest of them over the following days!

If this is what Matterport is doing, it goes beyond dirty practise, it crosses the line into unforgivable practice!
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PeterWolf private msg quote post Address this user
This issue has been discussed many times over the past, also in the Matterport Official User Group (MOUG)on Facebook. It seems that there is already a lot of evidence and proof. But despite all complaints, it seems nothing has changed.
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immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
This has been an issue for years... Matterport denies it, but I have had nearly all of my customers confirm that usually within days of their models going live that they get some sort of sales contact from Matterport.
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by PeterWolf
This issue has been discussed many times over the past, also in the Matterport Official User Group (MOUG)on Facebook.

It is actually moving to another level. As the OP says he has never given his agents collaborator's access. It seems now Matterport has started going through tours details and sending emails to people mentioned in a tour details section.
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htimsabbub23 private msg quote post Address this user
My question, is it anywhere in the terms and conditions that they aren't allowed to do this? It's completely unethical and isn't right for those of us that have been busting our butts four years to build a client base. but with that said are they doing anything that they're not allowed to be doing based on their TOC?
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3D_Hoffa private msg quote post Address this user
You all need to read this thread on the forum:
clickable text

Read the last few posts.

Matterport does NOT let sales people into our accounts. How do I know this? Because they don't have to. You can take the visions of evil sales people logging into your accounts and stealing your data out of your mind. Matterport makes it much easier and more sophisticated for them to get the data.

Jwbuckl confirmed Matterport uses an MAS/CRM set up. As soon as you fill in ANY form on their site(s), including collaborator and tour contact "forms", that data gets dumped into the marketing automation software and works it's way through the system. It's all outlined in the post I linked to.

It's very easy.

Matterport will of course deny, deny, deny, that's exactly what Jwbuckl, a "consultant", is paid to do. He says you can send him the contacts in question and he will research it but knowing what kind of backlash this would create, what person in their right mind would do the research and then go, "oh yeah, we are screwing you". It's not going to happen. Unless Jwbuckl decided to become some sort of whistle blower.

The only thing we can do is fight back. Go leave reviews on their Google and YouTube accounts. I have. Educate the masses. Let them know what you have experienced dealing with this company. It's the only thing we have to fight back with right now.

Spread the truth!!!
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Jwbuckl private msg quote post Address this user
@JCHAFE Per the post above by @3D_Hoffa, if you want to direct message a name or email address, I can look it up and show you where it came from. No, we do not mine Agent fields in the product, no that is not a lead form despite what Jason above writes.

We do have a contact collection opt in box in the collaborator sign up workflow, but that is being removed soon due to feedback from our MSPs.
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3D_Hoffa private msg quote post Address this user
This post is important and should not be buried *bump*
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