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Matterport New Pricing Tweak: Business Plan to be Available Month-to-Month9509

DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Screen Grab from Matterport eBlast sent today (Monday, 3 June 2019).

Hi All,

You can pay Matterport Business Plan Month-to-Month starting 13 June 2019, says a Matterport eBlast to customers today (3 June 2019).

The change in payment terms is apparently a result of a tsunami of feedback Matterport received from WGAN Forum Members and others since it announced Matterport New Pricing on Thursday, 9 May 2019.

In the WGAN-TV Town Hall with Matterport executives Chris Bell and Damien Leostic, among those Matterport Service Providers pushing back, Ross Zanzucchi asked, "Why not just have that option of a monthly, maybe it's a little bit more per month, but why make [Business Plan] just a yearly payment?"

In response during the Town Hall, Matterport executive Damien Leostic said: ... On this particular one, we're taking the feedback. Like Chris [Bell] said, we're both here. We have folks listening in from headquarter, heard you. We heard the community as well, so we're here to listen and we'll followup. We'll take that back and return for a statement on this one."

No other changes to the Matterport New Pricing were announced today.

What are your thoughts on Matterport offering its Business Plan on a month-to-month basis?



P.S. Here is the Matterport New Pricing Page as of 9 May 2019. I will add the tweaked pricing page, once Matterport update this page ...

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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Y'all got played! Bitching about not having a monthly payment option looking for a quick flaw in monthly hosting costs.

This took air of our the revolt against a price hike of 500-700% (depending on your plan). You got showed one hand empty while a Buick was parked behind the other hand. I don't see any ability to get the price to come back down at this point. "Grandfather" is going to pass away and so will your portfolio.

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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
These two price options won't help the inevitable. The Matterport Subscription Pricing Table claims to share a "16% discount over monthly contract pricing". Did anyone do the math yet?

Here's what I got:

Business Subscription:
$309/month at 12 months = $3,708 a year. Subtract a 16% savings of $593 to = $3,114 which does not = $3,228.

Business Plus Subscription:
$689/month at 12 months = $8,268 a year. Subtract a 16% savings of $1,323 to = $6,945 which does not = $7,188.

Where do these numbers come from? It gets worse...

If we take the yearly costs of each model per year, we have:

Starter - $24 per model
Professional - $28 per model
Professional Plus - $26 per model
Business - $33 per model
Business Plus - $30 per model

*Obviously the #'s could he higher on monthly subscriptions"

If we are going to make future money off of our clients with hosting. It would appear we need to be charging a minimum of $40 a year minimum just to cover our time to charge our clients for the hosting costs we incur along with time with billing software.

You want to make profit off of that? Now you're charging even more. Your clients ends up talking with Matterport sales and they're going to be ready to sign up for their own account. If your cleint has enough models, I'm sure Matttport would be happy to transfer your models or at least duplicate them and charge both of you.

I see the easiest away out here was to Revolt the Price Hike! but everyone devoted the attentioan to monthly hosting abilities on big plans instead of defying the high cost increase. Everyone shut up with "Grandfathering" and wanted a paper agreement for grandfathered plans. Grandpa is going to die soon! Divide and Conquer won these battles.

Next Option - @Queen_City_3D option when forces is to have nothing more than the Professional Plus Plan(s) at the cheapest cost per model when hosting a larger number of models.

Since we lost the fight of the price hike, we need to pass the costs onto out clients. Much like a web developer who would have their client host their own website on a place like Hostgator. We need affiliate links with an incentive to hand our clients over to with Matterport Servicing. Only charging for our services to put together the things our clients ask and be done with no more coddling. Let the clients bu Matterport about the billing or the sticky tech not working on their Ipad. Take it all off our shoulders.

--- Still screws us on our costs to have a portfolio
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3D_Hoffa private msg quote post Address this user
Kind of funny how "Matterport Reps" only chime in on some of the threads here while completely avoiding others.

Originally Posted by VTLV
Y'all got played! Bitching about not having a monthly payment option looking for a quick flaw in monthly hosting costs.

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