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Will matterport ever become a designer tool?945

Dennis_N private msg quote post Address this user
Maybe some of you have more insight into the company's future plans.
Right now it seems like their philosophy is to sell a turnkey solution with minimum creative input, and then profit from cloud services.
I have a designer background and for that, I wish I could use this camera to do more than what it currently does. I've worked with another product called Faro Focus laser scanner in the past, which can give quite detailed point cloud to work with, but of course entirely different use, and technology (not to mention price).
I've also seen how well structural light scanners can work with small scale models. Much faster scanning times while creating the same or better detail than a laser scanner of that size.

So for a $4500 Matterport could double as a decent solution for a 3D scanner, although right now the output mesh quality is quite low, to ensure real time playback.

I just wish there was an option to output higher quality meshes for uses other than online viewing. Plus make available all the 360 panoramas taken from each scan. Even as a photographer (for some of you out there) you have to wonder sometimes, how come you have a camera but you have no artistic access to the photos it takes?

I apologize if my little rant offends anyone. Sometimes you have to take the tools you've got for what they are. But personally I think for that price and technology it uses, a lot more creative options could and should be available.
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Dennis you are spot on, but sadly MP is solely focused on just delivering a showcase (SC) solution as well as delivering this same SC feature to future 3D equipped smartphone and tablet users. Anything beyond this is not in their business plan.

As far as I can see they don’t even have plans to offer us a backup and restore solution for scans. This is the most basic requirement that should have been offered from the very beginning so don’t expect anything more then what you see now.
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Dennis_N private msg quote post Address this user
@GarySnyder Do you or anyone else know what happened to the Office Design studio idea? I see the video is from 2013. Did the development on that stop?
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Invelop private msg quote post Address this user
You have several valid points. We have struggled with the same issues that you have/are. There are very few options in this price point that provide the level of quality that the Showcase provides. However, considering our need to apply this technology to commercial applications, it is extremely lacking of detail and flexibility. I believe there's enough evidence available to support the theory that Matterport has purposely designed the software to generate models that are difficult to manipulate outside of the unity workshop and they intend to continue this trend until Google buys them out and launches Tango. In the meantime, my company will continue to Invelop the world whilst seeking out comparable and/or better solutions to provide.
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
@Dennis_N, There were several ideas that MP had before they received their two big rounds of funding that came from Greylock Partners who are one of the major backers of Redfin. Once that money came in MP's focus shifted to real estate as the easiest market to generate large volumes of sales and the rest is history.

@Invelop good luck in your search for a comparable and/or better solutions. We'd all be interested in finding something that would give us far more flexibility
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Dennis_N private msg quote post Address this user
I'm revisiting this thread cause I had a talk with a friend of mine who is a new real estate agent. He told me that empty houses are harder to sell, so there are companies out there who offer adding fake furniture props etc in them to provide more warm and welcome pictures for the listing.
Well, with 360 HDRI images that the camera takes, let me tell you a bit about virtual furniture....
Check this demo done in Unity3D which Matterport already uses.
With Unity3D being able to render photorealistically like that, and with Matterport's 360 HDRI photography (hdri photography helps a lot for creating seamless blending of 3d digital models and real photos), it would be possible to insert layers of interactive photorealistic furnishings in every scan spot, thus fill an empty house with beautiful virtual furniture. This IS for real estate. I don't see why they shouldn't invest in developing such a tool, if it can help sell homes faster, and if the technology for it is already here. I hope Matterport is reading this forum. :-)
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
Dennis, this is very nice, it's the most realistic virtual furnishings application I've ever seen. It would be fantastic if such a tool was available. I'm not sure how long it would take to generate a fully furnished house or what you would charge someone to produce such a VT with everything in place.

In the early days MP was going to offer a furnishing addition to the SC but that to never came to pass but it was nothing like what is shown here.
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Dennis_N private msg quote post Address this user
Well, if Matterport allowed some expansion to their software through 3rd parties, other companies would be able to do this. These expansions are called "plugins" and no software can thrive in a competitive market without them. It is totally fine if Matterport doesn't want to continue developing in any other direction. Just give power to other companies to expand their software toolset for a fee. I've bought a $3,000 design package in the past, just because it had a $500 plugin from a 3rd party developer, that did what I wanted to do. That's right. I wouldn't have bought that $3,000 software if that little plugin didn't exist.
Software development takes time and money, and when your software is open for expansion through plugins, you invite other companies to make your own software stronger and more competitive, using their own money. Its a win win situation.
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