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For 360 photography, dynamic range is a key factor since it can not avoid high contrast scenes by changing the view to take. To enhance dynamic range, after firmware V1.05.17 upgrade, ALETA S2C offers 3 functions: WDR, HDR, and AEB. Here we explain the method of each function.

1. WDR
Use the WDR bar to adjust. 0 is the default value. 10 is the strongest effect, and -10 means no effect.

▶️ Adjust by one single shot. No need to merge shots.
▶️ Available for all modes, including video and time-lapse.
▶️ Improve dynamic range with little side-effect
▶️ The effect can be seen real-time on the APP preview.
▶️ The effect is not as strong as multi-shots methods such as HDR and AEB

WDR Example:

2. HDR
Use the HDR mode setting to setup and HDR button to switch on / off

▶️ Use multi-shots to merge. Weak uses 3 shots, Medium uses 5 shots, and Strong uses 7 shots.
▶️ Shots are merged in camera so the output is still 1 picture.
▶️ Improve dynamic range dramatically.
▶️ The more shots, the better dynamic rage, but also take longer time, and easier to get ghost on moving objects.
▶️ Only works on Day and Night photo modes.
▶️ Camera needs to be placed stable while HDR is enabled.

HDR Example:

3. AEB
Use the AEB Mode setting to setup and select AEB mode to shot.

▶️ Save all the shots in different EV.
▶️ The users can use their own professional HDR software to merge them for the best output.
▶️ Only works on AEB mode with fixed 12K resolution
▶️ SD card must be fast enough (U3 or V30) to save multi shots in a short time.

AEB Examples:

WDR: Works for all modes and has little side effect.
HDR: Better dynamic range but has ghost issue. Only works for day and night photo modes.
AEB: For professional users to do post production.

All the origin pictures in the document can be downloaded here:
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I hope this can help you more understanding of Aleta S2C camera capabilities, and also hope Aleta S2C can fulfill your needs.