Screen Grabs showing Augmented Reality (AR) while using Google Maps in Atlanta to find my way ....

Hi All,

Today (7 May 2019) I found my way to a business meeting in Atlanta using Google Maps mashed up with Augmented Reality (AR) to show me the way. (When I emerged from the subway, I did not know which way to turn until I looked at Google Maps mashed up with AR (Google Maps is beta testing this feature in Atlanta). To begin the experience, I had to rotate my iPhone so that Google Maps "recognized" the space.

I could imagine Matterport 3D Tours used in the same way for museums and other points of interest.

I recall at the 2017 Inman conference in New York, Matterport demonstrated Matterport mashed up with Augmented Reality (AR), but I have not heard any Matterport AR announcements since that demo.

What do you think? Will Matterport tours be mashed up with machine learning meetings Augmented Reality meets wayfinding?



P.S. I could imagine just this one use case for all Matterport spaces contributing to huge valuation of the Matterport company.