I went through the pricing threads and honestly was quite confusing.

My girlfriend is a semi-pro camerawoman. I am buying the Insta360 One-X and 3DVista for my business and has nothing to do with the real estate business. On that note, she is looking to do some side work doing the VT, 3D and 2D floor plans with this setup for realtors and businesses.

Through my contacts, I already have 4 businesses interested. 2 restaurants and 2 cigar shops.
My uncle and cousin are both real estate agents, so I hoping I may have a in with them.

My question is, how do you price this stuff? By using 3DVista, the realtor can upload the VT and floor plans on their server/ website. I can add their logos to the VT and/ floor plans.

I'm about to take the drone licensing test and then will send her to training to obtain her drone license.

Any advice?

Thank you,