We think so.
Detu is a company based in China that is solely dedicated to the manufacture and sales of 360 VR cameras. Here is a very surprising statement out of an email from a Detu executive sent to us a couple weeks back after refusing to accept our returns.

"However, it is a fact that the prospect of the VR industry is not very promising at the current stage. The investor of Detu is experiencing severe financial difficulties as the camera requires huge hardware investment, so they were cutting down human resources."

With respect to the world of VR nothing can be further from the truth. The demise of Detu is simple - lack of support, poor quality products, and not delivering on promised features in overfunded crowdfunding campaigns. They've also been very blunt to complaining customers saying "the MAX camera is currently the final product with no plans to update it".

While we try to sell out our existing Detu cameras we cannot in good conscious recommend this product or company.