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3D scans night and day9019

Thea_VR private msg quote post Address this user

I am scanning a 5 storey property and their stairways are outside. Due to the sunlight hitting it directly, some photos are taken in the morning (cloudy) but some are at night (connecting shots, stairs to the next rooms) (took until sun down to finish)
I am coming back to the property to scan again those night shots in the morning, after taking new shots, should i let the night shots before uploading or delete them? I will scan as near as i can to the exact scans i had before. I am worrying that msybe if i delete some shots, the rest will be orphaned.

Thank you in advance
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andreabortolot private msg quote post Address this user
Do not erase any of those unwanted shots, they may help you to align/conect when you go back to scan again. After you upload new model you can check your output model and freeze those shots in showcase or erase them in capture app(duplicate model first!). Yasou
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alirizacil private msg quote post Address this user
Hi neighbour,
If i were you, i would dublicate the model after rescan the the areas. Than i would delete the night scans from one of them to check if i lost something (Most probably you will have black holes). If everything is fine, you will have better dollhouse view.
Alternatively, you may try to take 360 photo and turn it to the 3d scan . With Matterport new cortex technology, you may get better results.

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GeoCV Jonathan_GeoCV private msg quote post Address this user
Enjoy our day to night feature at by going to the bedroom side balcony and clicking on the temporary virtual staging button on the upper right

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

1. If the Matterport Camera can see the sun, it can create a mess (placing the scan in the wrong location; and data debris in the 3D Tour view.

2. If there are clouds separating the line-of-sight of the sun and the Matterport Camera, you still have the same problem as #1. Clouds are not your friend to solving the scanning challenge.

3. Scanning at night to get the connection makes sense. You can always HIDE these scans, but do NOT delete them, UNLESS the scans are in the wrong place.

4. Once you have a good mesh, you can place the camera anywhere for the "walking" experience.

5. For this project, duplicate the model on your iPad in case you had to revert to an early version.

6. Since there is no charge for re-processing the model, submit what you have already done. When you upload the changes the next day, it will take less time to upload the same model

7. While I have not done a project like yours, I did do a project where I scanned a beautiful, $2,500 a night penthouse in a hotel. The double-high ceiling with an all glass wall overlooking Columbus Circle was the ceiling point of the room. I knew that I could not scan the entire place in magic hour of lighting. So, I knowingly scans the two-store penthouse without regard to lighting. Then, during magic hour, I raced to scan all the placed that I wanted a potential guest to walk around. Then, I hide in Workshop nearly all of the early scans. I did not delete scans. They were needed for the dollhouse view and to enable all the scans to be contiguous.

Hope this helps.

Please do share your Matterport 3D Tour when done please.


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Thea_VR private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for all your help guys! I duplicated it now and will proceed on pre editting them (i have 210 scans + 15 360 photos)
To have at least 199 scans. I have one suite that is scanned day and night, so prolly i will delete the night scans.

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