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CupixLargePriority QuequeProcessing

Processing queue priority for large model with tight deadline?9013

manuqc private msg quote post Address this user
Hello, we have a very large space to scan next week for a client (55900 square feet aprox!). It is for a special venue and we will be scanning as soon as we are able to have the venue space available, which will be 1 day before the event for which we need to deliver the 3D space. So my question. Is there any special priority for large space cases with tight delivery deadlines? This is very important for us, just asking in case someone has had a similar situation, if so what do you recommend. Thanks!


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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
@manuqc The obvious would be to contact Matterport, but don't hold your breath.
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
Will you have internet access?

Considering the size, I would think you will need to recharge batteries at some point. During that time I would be uploading what you currently have.

Since moving to the newer servers, I have seen the servers process much faster than in the past. Especially when updating a model you have already uploaded where the service identifies what was in the model before and processes the new changes with quicker delivery times.

What day are you scanning? Weekday when Matterport will be open to help you out or a weekend when everyone is gone.

Under promise what you can deliver as the spaces will be there, but the model might be a little ugly at the event.
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manuqc private msg quote post Address this user

Thanks for your help guys. Indeed I contacted matterport straightly as adviced and they do not do special queueing process for particular cases. Internet connection will be dedicated and fastest available by the provider, making sure we get that to upload the model as fast as possible.

Yes underpromise and overdeliver is always good idea, matterport also mentioned that they have improved servers processing and payback of large spaces lately, crossing fingers!


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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

It's likely for 56,000 SQ FT a better solution is likely Cupix.

You could shoot 56,000 SQ FT with Cupix in less than six hours. Likely less than that and get a 3D Tour that night. With Matterport, how much time do you estimate that the 56,000 SQ FT will take per hour? Perhaps you are shooting Matterport with a Ricoh Theta V or Insta360 One X?

Matterport officially only guarantees 200 scans in a model, as of 7 March 2019. Please see below.

Matterport Support:

How big can my Matterport model be?


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