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Top 5 types of jobs do you do?8952

Nail Soup Media
Sarasota, FL
GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
Top for most of you is real estate properties put up for sale right? but what else?

Restaurant? Spa? Grandmas house of cat sweaters?

Also what types of work? 3D VR?, HDR? HD Video?, Aerial?, Standing on the corner with an arrow sign?

If you want to PM please do. TIA
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
Realestate, restaurants, HDR, aerial drone video & photos, 3D for construction companies, 3D tours for retail business...and for the right amount of money I will stand on the corner in my speedo with a spinning sign. Let me know if you're interested.
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Nail Soup Media
Sarasota, FL
GlennTremain private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks @rzphotoman I appreciate it
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Matterport Service Providers should pitch services in this order:

1. Photos
2. Video
3. Matterport
4. Aerial (photo, video)
5. Bonus: 2D Floor Plans. Deliver to the client as a gift with first project. High margin. Easy to outsource.
6. Empty house: virtual staging

These are the top categories for Matterport Service Providers to pursue

1. Vertical that they have trusted colleagues that can say yes (or refer them)
2. Vertical that they are a Subject Matterport Expert (or has a close family Member to coach them)

Then ...

1. If they are in a tourist destination or historic district ...

Money Making Idea of the Week #9: Historic District / Vacation Destinations

(This is about recurring revenue; making the competition irrelevant and making the competition content creators

Then ...

As an expert, Pros do not need to scan. They need to have a trusted client that wants Matterport 3D Tours in multiple markets and places all the orders with this Pro whom makes money by making the spread between what the Pro gets paid and what the Pro pays the subcontracting Pros

Then ...

1. Look for recurring revenue opportunities such as ...
Hospitality Travel - boutique hotels, restaurants - businesses where you can get a yes/no quickly

1. Architects that do renovations: the BEFORE is the "As Built" with the MatterPak. The architect can immediately begin renovation design. The AFTER is a gift to the Client and used for new biz dev for the architect. Always focus on:

1. How the client will make money (#1)
2. How the client will save money (#2)
3. How the client will improve work flow (#3) make your life easier

2. General Contractors in Commercial Space

"As Built"
Construction Project Progress for large projects (Cupix not Matterport)

3. Local Property Management Companies / Multi-Family
(Avoid multi-state or national Property management Companies. Unfortunately, Matterport is direct selling to these

Hope this helps.


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Charleston, SC
JonJ private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,
My service offerings are pretty much in line with what Dan has listed out. What I am curious about is what percentage of matterport service providers do not currently offer traditional photography services. When I started my company, I did not offer traditional photography services and I had a very difficult time getting off the ground. How are other matterport service providers filling this gap? Are they outsourcing this or are they using snapshots from their matterport tour? What about clients who do not want a matterport tour and only want stills, are they losing this business?
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
I sell my service by saying you don't need to hire a traditional photographer. I include still images pulled from the Matterport Pro 2 scan that are a close match to the HDR photos most have been getting.

To achieve this I scan with the Pro 2 set at 4' 3" and then batch run all the still images I pull from the scan through Aurora HDR at a custom setting I made. My clients love them and the only still images I take with my DSLR are some exterior photos. Works very well for me.

Since I became a licensed drone operator I now also offer a package that includes aerial stills with the Matterport and I book that package 95% of the time.
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