Video: Oculus Rift S product video | Video courtesy of David Ewalt YouTube Channel

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Forbes (20 March 2019) Oculus Unveils Its New VR Headset, The 'Rift S'

While it may not seem obvious today, Virtual Reality (VR) meets Matterport will 'Matter' to you. When you create a Matterport 3D Tour, you are automatically creating a VR version too (though I would disable VR unless you are curating the best VR walking experience).

How might you use Matterport Virtual Reality today to make money?

For example, We Get Around Atlanta has a Client that engaged us to shoot a Matterport 3D Tour for the VR experience. While their apartment was being built, they staged one apartment on the construction site. (While our Pro could go on-site to shoot, the public was not allowed on the construction site.) They used the VR version at a street festival to create buzz for their tech-centric apartment community targeted to young adults.




"The Rift S boasts a higher resolution display than its predecessor, with a resolution of 1280x1440 per eye and a refresh rate of 80hz. And it also introduces a new "halo" headband, designed in collaboration with international technology giant Lenovo, that offers increased comfort and better weight distribution, according to the company. The Rift S will launch in spring 2019 (or "imminently," according to Rubin) at a retail price of $399."

Source: Forbes