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How do you compete with Google?869

tradetickers private msg quote post Address this user

I see there's an app on your phone now that allows you to create these.
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smcclell private msg quote post Address this user
For one they are just for businesses. Which take a fair amount of the competition away right there.
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andreabortolot private msg quote post Address this user
I usually show to client the difference between MP and 360:
1- Doll house view
2- floor plan view
3- no distortion on objects
4- possibility to take measures
Always keep a google tour open so you can show immediately such differences. I usually have success with these tips. Good luck
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pheller private msg quote post Address this user
They also limit the scans to about 8 - 12. This is probably OK for a small business which may only have a few rooms (dining area, showroom, etc). We can offer a much more personal, in-depth experience.

Also, what is the availability? Who does the capture? I bought 360 App a couple years ago which was great to capture a room. It was fun, but nothing like Matterport.

Has anyone tried to get a quote? I'm sure it's not cheap.
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Property3dNZ private msg quote post Address this user
Hi There
The company that I work for is also a Google Trusted Agency so we are offering both options.
Google Street Views is quite different in some ways and quite similar in others. With Google all of the imagery that is captured is hosted by Google and subject to Google's rules and regulations.
The quality of Google imagery is higher purely because it is shot on a DSLR and you can also zoom in on objects. One of the main differences is price - we charge about $150 NZ dollars per pano for Google(each shot taken) so the tour isn't as extensive as MP, privacy constraints with Google mean that you can't do private residences and the obvious difference is that you don't get the floorplan and the model.
With MP the client can hold it privately or publicly so they have more control. MP is more time heavy to do the initial scans/imagery but more automated afterwards in comparison to Google which is a lot more time consuming after shooting and can potentially take a week or two to show up on Google Maps.

They both hold there own merits and down falls.
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tradetickers private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport may get bought out by google at this rate
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