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Is Matterport a Service Company or is Matterport a Software Company?8673

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by @MeshImages
Well, from my point of view the question is:

Is Matterport a Service Company or is Matterport a Software Company?

The Matterport Service company wants to sell scans plus extras and someday it will also set the prices for these services. The Matterport Service Company will actively compete with the MSPs and other Service Providers (Photographers, AEC, etc) on a global scale. For an MSP there will not be much left to negotiate with his clients, because the standard scan prices will be set by Matterport. As a Service Company Matterport will be pitching the large scan volumes. This MSP survey is heading in this direction.

On the other hand the Matterport Software (and camera) company, which grows with an unbeatable product and a portfolio of extra services. It mainly focuses on software development and service innovations. The software company grows with the network of MSPs who buy the camera and sell Matterports services. Among MSPs there can be large aggregators like Meero, who do the bulk selling. But you will probably never see any market intervention from the Software Company, because the Matterport Software company is only competing with the other Software and camera companies like nctech, cupix, geocv, etc.

My opinion: I doubt that Matterport can be a successful Service company. Because if Matterport looses the MSPs, who should then make the cheap scans for them?

On the other hand I am very disappoited with Matterports software company. Were there any service innovations in the last 12 months? Oh yes, cortex, wow... But the great innovations came from other providers, who hit the stage, like geocv with their outstanding showcase experience (interior plus exterior) and like cupix with highspeed video capture. Or from Mpembed with a super, super, super portfolio of extra services for Matterport. Great job, thank you Chris

Therefore I am so upset with this survey. I would like to see that Matterport focuses on Software development again. There is so many possibilities and there is still so much on the to-do-list.

Hi All,

@MeshImages is spot-on (above) will his analysis of Matterport originally posted in this WGAN Forum discussion. Matterport's new CEO would do well to study, conclude and act on these recommendations to help Matterport achieve exponential growth.

Matterport MUST exist the service business of booking Matterport Service Providers. It's a flawed strategy because:

1. It competes with existing and potential alliance partners such as Meero
2. Matterport should be nurturing agencies - and Matterport Service Providers - to do one order many markets (Hard to do when you compete with this marketing channel.)
3. The valuation of the business will be based on the software side of the business: not a messy, labor intensive service side
4. Professional photographers thinking about buying Matterport will think twice when the same company selling them a camera is also calling on their clients (and potential clients)
5. Management's time is best spent focusing on growing the demand (by home sellers, for example)
6. Matterport should be interested MSPs the most for their work; not the least
7. As @MeshImages points out, Matterport focusing on its Service side of the business comes at the expense of faster innovation in the software side of the business

What do you think? Should Matterport be booking Pros or focus on the software side of the business?


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nirbetan private msg quote post Address this user
My personal $0.02 - I think that the surface argument for Matterport not being a service company or competing with its MSP network is clear and obvious and common sense. So what we should all be asking ourselves is - what on earth would cause a rational, intelligent company like Matterport (these people are very smart - make no mistake on that part) to want to go against such obvious common business sense?

The answer is that clearly there is more than meets the eye here. My personal view is that (to the point above) - Matterport is NOT a Software company and it's NOT a Service company. It's also NOT a camera company either. It's a DATA COMPANY. And it's always been a Data company.

How can Data from millions of scans be leveraged to support some grand business goal? Watch and learn folks - Cortex hasn't even scratched the surface of what's possible using Machine Learning. Imagine a future where there is no need for inputting data into an MLS anymore because you have the ability to quickly and cheaply scan an entire house and identify automatically all of the features in it - hardwood flooring, crown moulding, etc etc etc. Remember all those mattertags? They can train their AI models on that too. And this is only the beginning.

But of course - you need as many scans as possible, which means making the market price as LOW as possible (getting highest amount of adoption) and of course whenever possible doing the scans yourself so that you can a) own the data and b) standardize the treatment of the capture of that data so that you don't need to spend as much time and $ normalizing it.

I think they may have much bigger plans in the long run than anyone may realize - but it remains to be seen just how things will manifest. This whole industry is shifting and in the end only a few companies will remain as the dominant players. I think part of what they may be doing here is jockeying themselves into position to become just that. But again, it remains to be seen just how.

Just my $0.02.

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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
@nirbetan very good arguments in your post.

And I totally agree, that Matterport is a phantastic Software and Data company. The Matterport platform is probably one of greatest media innovations in the last decade.

Therefore I do not understand these market interventions.

A MSP program that shows pricing information in standard USD/sqft will lead to price dumping.

Will there be there any other possibility to differentiate from competition than the price tag and the number of cameras?

People will book you with Matterports MSP program, because this program will also deliver the complete pricing information in your market. Always on USD/Sqft. And the cheapest MSP will always win. This is active dumping.

Matterport will become a "Scan, Deliver, Go" - Service. No space for innovation and no space for your services.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Must buy today ...

The Wall Street Tour, Tuesday, 6 March 2019, page B1 | "Property Listings Get Virtual Fix-Ups"

All about how and why the data that Matterport Service Providers capture will be invaluable.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

This WGAN Forum discussion is from a year ago. Seems timely to revisit today (22 April 2020).

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Orchard Park, NY
GETMYVR private msg quote post Address this user
A few weeks ago my best friend in LA told me to knock on every door in my neighborhood, then move on to the next neighborhood and then the next, but told me to scan every residence for free in exchange to giving the homeowner the raw file. He suggested I keep all this data on a server not connected to the internet. I own all the tours. I would tell the owner if you ever think about selling the house let me know we'll process your tour You don't have to do anything. I would own the data and everybody would come to me.

I think Matterport read his mind.
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