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Are you enjoying my coverage of Inman Connect New York 2019?8636

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

It's likely that it will take me until Friday, 15 February 2019 to publish to the WGAN Forum all the video and info that I gathered at Inman Connect New York 2019 (ICNY19) last week.

If you find the WGAN Forum helpful - particularly my coverage of ICNY19 - please consider joining as a WGAN Fan Club Member, if you do not need the Membership benefits of WGAN Basic, Standard or Premium. (Compare WGAN Membership Plans | WGAN Membership Benefits.)

The ICNY2019 conference registration fee alone was $1,000+ (even with the WGAN discount promo code).

Thanks for being a fan of the WGAN Forum and for your support.



P.S. Thanks for sharing WGAN Forum discussions among other social media groups. The more that Visit the WGAN Forum - nearly 12,000 in the last 30 days - the more 3D/360º cameras, platforms and 3rd party services join as WGAN Premium Members to help make the WGAN Forum possible.
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Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
Dan, you are the BEST.
I can't get to Inman for a variety of reasons but your sharing of news, talks and interviews has been spectacular. In fact, it's so good that it might discourage me from attending! Why take the time and expense to attend when YOU are interviewing all the movers and shakers for us? We're all indebted to you, Dan, for the great service you're providing at Inman.

Thank you, thank you!
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for your super-kind note. And, for the amazing comparison of 3D/360º Tour platforms that you are working on and publishing the results in the WGAN Forum. You're the best.

And, thanks for being a WGAN Standard Member.

Mutual Admiration Society Charter Member,

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Integratedman private msg quote post Address this user
Dan...yes...I have already shared and used in direct e-mails testimonials from company leaders you have been sharing Remax etc..TY
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Bycha private msg quote post Address this user
Dan, yes I am always learning new things from staying tuned to your forum.
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Harrycayman private msg quote post Address this user
Hi dan
Your coverage is fantastic. Did not make it ti Inman but with your posts its like i was there and you also ask the right questions

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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
Great job Dan,

I've put all the testimonials you've recorded on my FB page and shared them with a number of brokers. You're doing a great service for those of us that can't be there. Keep up the great work.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
Great input and information.
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