24WGAN-TV CUPIX Short Story #227-Measuring

Hi All,

In the living room, what is the distance between walls?

Simple enough question, but not simple to do if you are using Matterport measuring tool. That's because Matterport does not assume 90º angles when you measure between walls. Instead, if your line is not straight, your measurement will be off.

In contrast, CUPIX assumes 90º angles when measuring so that the measuring tool works as expected.

The WGAN Forum Community "wish list" for this feature goes back to 2014 (when I bought my Matterport camera). And, it still does not work as expected.

It's nice that Matterport has competition so that "wish list" items like this get addressed.

While CUPIX is commercially available now, in one of my earlier WGAN-TV Live at 5 shows, I talked with CUPIX Director of Sales Scott Anderson about CUPIX measuring tool versus Matterport measuring tool. It's an eye-opener illustrating one important point of differentiation: Matterport versus CUPIX.

Your thoughts?