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Low resolution on embedded view (+ solution for low resolution on mobile)8136

annevanzwol private msg quote post Address this user
Let me start with a solution. When viewing a space on a mobile device you get a lower resolution than when viewing on the PC. The same applies to the 3D showcase app. I have contacted Matterport about this and got this reply:

"The mobile Showcase has lower resolution because mobile devices have lower graphics processing capabilities than computers. Because of that we cap the screen resolution so the user has a better and smoother experience flowing through the model"

My iPad Pro has ample capability. So the trick is to open the space in Safari and then hold the refresh arrow at the top (URL bar) and request Desktop Site a voila you can view the space in hi-res.

Now my problem. Somehow when I embed a space on a website and then do a fullscreen view (on PC) it also has this lower 'mobile' resolution. Am I missing something here? I want to give my clients the best experience possible also when they embed the space on their website. A shame to let the hires imagery of the Pro2 go to waste
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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Welcome to the WGAN Forum.

Great tip about screen resolution.

And, great question. If someone doesn't answer here, please let us know what Matterport Support says.


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annevanzwol private msg quote post Address this user
With the help of Matterport support the problem was solved.

Make sure the embedded viewport has a minimum height of 900. This is the threshold for triggering the lower 'mobile device' resolution.

When going fullscreen from a smaller height the higher resolution should be triggered automatically. Somehow this didn't work for me. However after enabling the beta viewer that was solved as well.

@dansmigrod. How can I change the post title to include [solved]?

Added bonus is that the beta viewer has a solid black background enabling to key it out when making a video. And do another background. See test image

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

No room left in headline to add [solved].

That's cool about the key ... Look forward to seeing more examples of how you use that ..

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