Hi All,

A WGAN Member - whom is also a Matterport Service Partner - told me today (5 October 2018) that Matterport is pitching his/her pets to buy a Matterport Camera.

How did that happen?

S/he created an email address - composed of the first and last name of his/her cat (first name) and dog (last name) and requested an MSP. S/he got back three leads (including himself/herself.

Now his/her dog and cat are receiving email to buy a Matterport Camera. No coincidence that Matterport happens to be soliciting using this email address (that was only created for this test).

Yup! The Matterport MSP program is being used to generate leads for camera sales. Probably easier for Matterport to sell your Client a camera after you do the heavy lifting of educating the prospect, getting to yes and doing the first scan. That way, the lead is super-qualified for Matterport to say, buy a camera and cut out the MSP.

No word yet if the cat and dog have received a phone call from Matterport (yet) and no word yet about whether the cat and dog plan to buy a Matterport Camera ...

Yet another example of Matterport being sneaky about "caring" for its MSP customers.

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Your thoughts?