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Making Money Idea of the Week #5: Variable Pricing for 2D Floor Plans7883

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

WGAN-TV Short Story #139-Package Add Ons | Watch 3 minutes into this video about variable pricing for 2D schematic floor plans

Hi All,

Do you charge a variable or fixed price for 2D schematic floor plans?

I could imagine that many of the WGAN Community charge a flat fee, based on cost plus some $$$.

West Palm Beach, FL-based Matterport Service Provider @Hometakes changes based on the square footage. For example:

✓ $43 for up to 900 SQ FT
✓ $49 for up to 1,200 SQ FT
✓ $93 for up to 3,400 SQ FT

And, their cost is $15 for the 2D Floor Plans from Matterport. That's a great profit center.

While many of you are thinking, I will double or triple by actual cost - triple is a good rule of thumb - Founder Colin Forte knows that real estate agents have been engaging people to come up and do only 2D Floor plans. (I talked to one that charges $500 to do a house that we can order from Matterport, Blue-Sketch or MP2FP for a fraction of that.)

So, @Hometakes still charges less than a professional floor plan creator that comes out and measures a house.

In my WGAN-TV Short Story #139 interview with Colin - at 3 minutes into the video - Colin explains his variable pricing for 2D schematic floor plans.

If you are not offering 2D schematic floor plans, you are missing an Add On opportunity.

If you are charging a (low) fixed amount for floor plans, you may be missing out on a revenue opportunity.

Time to revisit how - and how much - you charge for 2D schematic floor plans?


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PetraSoderling private msg quote post Address this user
Great topic @DanSmigrod This benchmark on Floor Plan prices in North America we did a year ago may be helpful (average price USD 271.25)
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for sharing this research.

Yes. Clients are paying up to $600 for 2 Floor Plans, there is a lot of room for a Matterport Service Provider to charge way more than what they are likely charging and charge by the size rather than one price for any size.


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