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Dear Matterport ...7699

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Matterport,

Thank you for reading the We Get Around Network Forum ...

When you discount the Matterport Camera - typically always $300 and recently for $1,000 - I wonder:

1. Why your marketing is not focused on growing the demand for Matterport 3D Tours?
2. Why your marketing is not focused on potential home sellers to demand Matterport from agents?
3. Why you train potential Matterport Camera buyers to wait or ask for a discount?
4. Why you do not offer a $1,000 in added-value that costs you less than $500 to offer?
5. Why you want to devalue our investment in our Matterport Camera?
6. Why you want to signal that you have a new Camera coming (when you likely don't)?
7. Why you want to signal; wait the next generation Camera?
8. Why you want to make us feel like we have over paid?
9. Why you do not offer an affiliate program for Matterport Service Providers?
10. Why you do pricing that feels like it devalues the Matterport Ecosystem?
11. Why you do pricing that feels like you are desperate?
12. Why you exclude previous Matterport Camera buyers from taking advantage of a sale price?
13. Why is seems like there is no long-term pricing strategy in place?
14. Why you focus on new customers and not existing customers (that would generate new customers)?
15. Why you have an in-house sales terms that is focused on selling cameras rather than only get paid when they help Matterport Service Providers sell Cameras. (You should have thousands of us selling Cameras via an affiliate program rather than a hand-full of people selling cameras
16. Why you want to signal to professional photographers - don't buy a camera regardless of price - because Matterport will lower the price to make it easier for competitors to enter the market
17. Do you still offer financing to real estate brokers? Why not professional photographers?
18. What am I missing when I see a $1,000 off offer? (25 percent discount)
19. Why do you want buying a Matterport Camera to feel like buying a car?
20. Why haven't you offered a hosting plan that includes the Camera?



P.S. Members of the WGAN Forum Community may have additional questions to ask you ...
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

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c2astudio private msg quote post Address this user
I know the answer to #17: It's because they have more confidence in the financial future of realtors than photographers (and rightfully so).
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Club Member
osakadave private msg quote post Address this user
Exactly, Dan. Thank you for writing and posting. I am in complete agreement with your twenty talking points, and I had the same reaction when I first saw the news.

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