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Options for publishing to Google Street View?7580

Briski2208 private msg quote post Address this user
What other ways are people placing images on GSV? Instead of completing a full tour can you just do 360 views and place them on? Are devices such as theta V just as good when placed through the app?

Never been asked to just do GSV for business but do have the tools to do so.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Here are 5 Ways to Publish to Google Street View ...

At the 2017 Google Street View Summit in Tokyo, Google announced four certifications for publishing to Google Street View:

Street View Mobile Ready – 360 cameras that can publish Street View from a mobile app – without requiring a Desktop workflow. Examples include the Ricoh Theta V and Insta360 One. (Not all 360º cameras meet the Street View certification.) (WGAN 360º 1-Click Cameras and Accessories Shopping List)

Street View Auto Ready – Street View app-compatible 360 cameras tailored for vehicle-based collection with the highest accuracy. Examples include NCTech iStar Pulsar and Insta360 Pro.

Street View VR Ready – 360 cameras or systems that collect geometry in addition to generating sets of connected 360 photos. Examples include Matterport, CUPIX, iGuide

Street View Workflow Ready – Publishing utilities – sometimes bundled with cameras – that can upload to Street View accounts. Examples include: Panoskin Pro, GoThru Moderator, Pano2VR, iStaging.

I will add a 5th: Engage a 3rd Party Service Provider. An example is @Metroplex360 Chris Hickman’s MP2SV boutique service.

If you have a 360º on your smartphone camera roll, you can use the Google Street View app (iOS | Android) to publish it to Google Street View. If you have a series of 360ºs on your smartphone camera roll, you can also use the Google Street View app to create a tour before publishing the tour to Google Street View. Google is still testing creating the tour for you from the 360ºs that you publish to Google Street View.

I noticed at the 2018 Google Street View Summit in San Francisco that Google now simply says Google Street View Ready – rather than the sub-classifications.

If you publish to Google Street View via Matterport, it’s likely that you would want to use either a moderator tool - such as Panoskin Pro – or a 3rd Party Service – such as MP2SV to improve the tour, including, but not limited to: (example of MP2SV improving Matterport to GSV Tour)

✓ Improved tour navigation by correcting linkages and removing some of the 360ºs
✓ Adding a nadir tripod logo patch (marketing opportunity)
✓ Color correcting

If you do not already have a 360º 1-click camera, I encourage you to get one to learn workflow so that when you have an opportunity to do Google Street View (Help Wanted 360º Shoot example), you will be ready.

(By the way, when you export 360ºs from Matterport, Matterport throttles back on the resolution. More on this here.)

Since you are a WGAN Standard Member, do take advantage of these Google Street View related Membership Benefits:

WP3D Models WordPress Plugin – you can embed a GSV tour instead of Matterport
First Six Months of CUPIX Small Plan + Studio Add On Pack (Publish to GSV)
Panoskin Pro
iStaging Ultra Plan for up to 4 months
Free Nadir Tripod Logo Patch
MP2SV - boutique Google Street View moderation service
✓ Save 50 percent on Satellite Panoramas



P.S. Some related Google Street View links:

Create Google Street View in a Snap (Google Street View Ready Publishing Solutions)
Google Street View app
Google Street View Trusted Badge
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Briski2208 private msg quote post Address this user
Cheers Dan thank you...I am currently waiting on a new logo and website so I'm holding off on the nadir patch but I have a Theta V and I'm looking for more information on aerial 360s for Google as there is a write up in a online magazine.
Trying to look at all the possible avenues
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

I will add Satellite Panoramas to the WGAN Standard Membership Benefits above.

If you do not have a drone or the location is in a no-fly zone, Satellite Panoramas may solve these challenges. Do check the current Google Earth imagery to make sure the Satellite Panorama that you order is up-to-date for your needs.

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Property3dNZ private msg quote post Address this user
Morning @Briski2208

We have just completed a couple of different Custom Virtual Tour/Google Virtual Tour of two different Stadiums here in NZ. We use 360 drone images for a lot of our projects. I have popped the links below to the Google Aerial 360's as well as the links to the actual tours -

Google Image - Looking towards the Stadium
clickable text

Google Image - View From Above the stadium
clickable text

Custom Virtual Tour Westpac Stadium Tour (not quite live yet so still has ads)
clickable text

Google Image View above Stadium/Waterpark
clickable text

Custom Virtual Tour Vodafone Events Centre
clickable text

Good luck!
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Briski2208 private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks all much appreciated.
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