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Cost Sharing Proposed - Thoughts?7527

Calgary CAN
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Hi everyone,
I have a prospect that has proposed charging more for MP scans but splitting the difference between themselves and their clients and each receiving a tour. They mentioned this arrangement being made with their photographer. It’s an interesting concept, working with this client would open a lot of doors on a massive scale.... Thoughts? How would you approach this and how would you calculate a cost-share approach?
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Not sure I understand... what is the relationship between the prospect and his/her client? E.g., REALTOR and Home Seller? Insurance agent and Client? Builder and Home Buyer? Or what?

Also, is the end tour the exact same for both parties or do you have to create different highlight reels, different Mattertags, etc.?

If the basic model is the same you could always add customization through WP3D models. If not, you’d have to make a copy and you’d have to be aware that it will count as 2 models to your hosting limits rather than 1.

Also, if your prospect and his/her client are doing the cost sharing, why would you have to calculate the cost share approach.

I think I’m not completely understanding the situation.
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Calgary CAN
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Thank you @Queen_City_3D. I want to keep the relationships confidential right now but we can use comercial examples say Home Builder and Buyer as an example. The idea is to charge more on my end and they split that cost so say the tour costs $1000, I charge $1500 and they each pay half of that - $750 for separate tours. The context / Mattertags would be different for each client so charge seperately for customization for each tour. Hosting would be charged accordingly as well. Just not sure how to approach this, if there’s a standard ratio that’s used or how to calculate to make it fair for all parties.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
I'd think that would be up to the individual parties to decide between themselves what each of their cost share would be.

Using the example you mentioned, perhaps a builder hires you for a 3d tour of one of their condo units which are essentially identical to each other. If every buyer who moves in to one of those condos is offered a copy of the tour for their own use then you could essentially have those tours in syndication having each home owner pay you for a scan that you've completed once (I would think the original client would have to be okay with that relationship, as they hired you for it in the first place).

Regardless, I think it might be better to just let the other buyers decide how to split your bill. Think of it as a restaurant and you are the server giving the bill to the customers. If they split the appetizers it's up to them to decide how much each of them will contribute to the bill. The server doesn't decide how much each party pays.
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Calgary CAN
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Thank you. My question is more geared towards how much extra do I charge on top of what I normally charge. I think I may have used the wrong example. Think of it more for commercial applications for all parties. I can see the split ratio being up for discussion in some cases but if each party receives an entire scan for commercial purposes it would seem fair to say 50/50. It would also concern me that it would foster losing control over licensing if I left it up to the client to decide who they share it with. Copyright is ours so it seems fair to me to set the price where we’re compensated for multiple client uses.
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