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Please Help! - Matterport Not ADA Compliant?7515

MagnaShow private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Everyone!

One of my clients is constructing an eCommerce website with Matterport being the critical tool of showcasing new listings. However, one issue was brought up when their web development team contacted me to mentioned that embedding Matterport Virtual Tours is NOT ADA Compliant. I do not understand how Matterport Virtual Tours conflict with these requirements. My client is employing over 15 people and is a business considered as a public accommodation; therefore, they should follow a ADA compliant web presence due to Title III (private sector businesses).

If anyone has come across this issue or has more knowledge of this topic please feel free to elaborate. Ideally, if someone can support why YES Matterport Virtual Tours are ADA Compliant and how to find a solution.

Looking forward to what this great community as to say!
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Great question. I look forward to what WGAN Forum Members can contribute on this topic.

In the meantime, can you ask Matterport Support and let us know what they say?

It's been a while since I worked on an iOS app that was ADA compliant. I recall that iOS has all the hooks a developer needs to enable this.

For example, audio spoken for controls. Make text bigger.

I recall talking with a visually impaired professor that told me many "blind" people can see and virtual tours are a great way for visually impaired people to pre-tour a space for the get there before you go experience. He said some visually impaired people might have a lens to view the tour bigger.

Again, I look forward to hearing what Members have to say (as well as Matterport).

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Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
I had two clients asking the same question. Essentially a virtual tour can’t accommodate certain disabilities because of the nature of the media. But a public library we did a scan for, accepted it anyway as some of the metatags could define it as Virtual Tour. But it was very borderline
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MagnaShow private msg quote post Address this user

Hey Dan!

I have contacted Matterport Support right away and I will follow up.
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MagnaShow private msg quote post Address this user


Please correct me if I am wrong but because we call Matterport's 3D Showcasing as "Virtual Tours", they now carry a much higher standard when embedding them to public or private businesses requiring an ADA presence.

Your example of the library made me think that the more metatags and engaging features within Matterport's Virtual Tour can allow the crossing of a gray line of what is accepted for a "ADA presence".

Therefore, do you think your adding of more "engaging features" within each Matterport Tour was your solution? I still need to hear back from Support.
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immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
There isn't a specific ADA standard for Matterport spaces, however, there are a couple small things you can do to make it pseudo-compliant...

First you will need to add a title tag to your embed script, and second, add the &play=1 to the URL to have the showcase auto-start. This will load the space automatically which allows for some keyboard-only interaction as recommended by the ADA. The Matterport spaces do not provide a way for interaction with things like Mattertags, so it is unlikely that the spaces could be fully compliant at this point. They also do not provide any text to describe the spaces for a screen reader, but that is on Matterport and not really something we can do anything about.

That said, those changes should be sufficient for most needs considering the nature of the Matterport space itself.

For example:

<iframe width =”853” height=”480” src=”” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen title=”My Awesome Matterport Tour”></iframe>
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MagnaShow private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport's Email Answer:

Matterport-Tim (Matterport Support)

Jul 25, 1:52 PM PDT


ADA compliance has been brought up with the product team quite a few times in the past years so they are aware of it. At this point in time, we are not compliant. I will add this as an enhancement request as we don't have a current compliance. I have no eta on a fix.

Best Regards,
Matterport Support
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MagnaShow private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for your advice. Since you seem to have come across this issue in the past, do you know of any other alternatives when using Matterport Tours as an embed on websites with such regulations?

At the end of the day, using Matterport's 3D Showcasing on a website is a very powerful tool. Finding an effective long term solution must be resolved since the whole purpose of the embedding feature provided by Matterport is to facilitate the "use" of Matterport Tours on various website platforms.

I will take any ideas.
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immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
@MagnaShow Unfortunately, other than the suggestions mentioned above, the ADA compliance really falls on Matterport. Much of what needs to be done involves core programming for compatibility with page readers, keyboard navigation etc. The ADA doesn't like embedded content in general, but in some cases, there are no ways around it, such is the case with Matterport. My initial thoughts are that this is a very low priority for Matterport since the ADA requirements only apply to a very small percentage of users. I would not expect a solution any time in the near future.
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George_WALKINTOUR private msg quote post Address this user
Yeah, about this. I brought this up on Facebook. I use to work for the National Park Service. When I was working for the NPS there was a group that sued the park for not having a multitude of physical and digital issues for not being Accessible.

ADA is based on physical issues like walkways, ramps and building code violations. On the digital side, everything has to have Alternative text for images with videos needing to be audio described on what was seen for the visually impaired. Websites also were scrutinized.

Aside from the labeling portion of the Matterport Workshops, I'm not sure how Universal Accessible the 3D models are with those with visual impairments. Unlike the public sector which is in some cases required to uphold these laws, its different for those in the private sector.

It would interesting to see how this would be addressed. I've mentioned it to Matterport before, but I haven't seen any response. It may mean that they aren't going to enforce this unless they are sued.

Here's a link about that particular case
DRA Secures Landmark Settlement to Improve the Accessibility of a Major National Park

Here's another link about the Disability Rights Advocates (DRA)
Golden Gate National Recreation Area sued over accessibility issues
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
If someone would like to figure out how a Matterport Tour could be made to be ADA compliant, then perhaps someone with SDK access could implement these ideas.

As far as I'm concerned, if ADA compliance on an image means adding alternative text, then ADA Compliancy for Matterport Tours would be to simply show an image instead of media, and have an image tag for ADA Compliance.

If you're unable to navigate the space with a mouse, then &play=1&ts=2 might be a solution that the web developer wanting ADA Compliance can achieve -- provide the tour as an autoplay tour.
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MagnaShow private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Everyone!

I thought I could follow up by pasting what my client responded:

Good Morning and Happy Monday!
Please see below the response I received from the content team....

"When it comes to ADA, I always start with keyboard accessibility. If I were a keyboard users only, would I be able to navigate my way around and access all the menu option. While the tours can be control by my keyboard, I’m unable to tab through all the options available to visitors using both keyboard and mouse. This only scratches the surface of ADA, of course."
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George_WALKINTOUR private msg quote post Address this user
Perhaps have the label or computer voice tell the keyboard user what the object is when they bump into it? Like a wall, furniture, window, etc? Wouldn't that be a coding thing for Universal Access? It would also have to be an "Accessibility button" to allow the user to enter Univeral Access mode to enable VoiceOver. Similar to the Universal Access controls on a Mac.
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