WGAN-TV Short Story #10: Changing Your Mindset to Editing on the Fly

WGAN-TV Short Story #13: Real Estate Pricing and Work Flow (The Money is in the Masses)

WGAN-TV Short Story #11-Improving your Phone and Video Shooting (and Editing) Work Flow

Videos Above: @Hometakes and @PhotoAndVideoEdits Founder Colin Forte and @ChemistryDoc Photographer Keith Foster and @DanSmigrod discuss editing on the fly: Workflow Practices for Shooting Photos and Videos. These WGAN-TV Short Stories are from this WGAN-TV Live at 5 Show: WGAN-TV: PhotoAndVideoEdits.com - Best Practices Shooting Real Estate Photos


Hi All,

If you come to the conclusion that the largest pool of potential real estate agent clients is at the lower end of listing prices; and, it follows that you need a low price point to reach this largest potential audience, you likely need a disruptive, innovative and super-easy workflow for shooting and editing photos and videos in order to be profitable.

In these WGAN-TV Short Stories above - excerpts from this WGAN-TV Live at 5 – @Hometakes and @PhotoAndVideoEdits Founder Colin Forte and @ChemistryDoc Photographer Keith Foster and I discuss Editing on the fly: Workflow Practices for Shooting Photos and Videos.

The crib note version of Colin's Editing on the Fly Workflow:

1. Use a DSLR camera - with HDR - that can shoot photos and video
2. Shoot in the order that the video clips will be edited
3. Edit as you shoot. Only keep one photo and one video that will be used
4. Use an iPad to control your DSLR camera [so the client can approve the photos (not video)]
5. If the Client pays for 25 photos; shoot only 25 photos (do not overshoot)
6. By shooting the video clips in the order to be edited; makes post super-easy
7. Do not decide which video clips to keep when you are in front of the computer.
8. Based on weather, outdoor shots may be shot after the interior
9. Post production of photos should be limited to the 25 images that the client ordered
10. Post production of video should be limited to only the clips saved in the camera (in order)
11: Outsource photo and video editing: you make money shooting more jobs (or developing business)

Above workflow will likely cut in half (or more) the time spent by a photographer whom is overshooting photos and video (and doing the photo and video editing themselves). Use that freed up time to shoot more jobs; develop more business; and spend more time watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As Colin points out in this WGAN-TV show about Best Practices for Shooting Photos and this WGAN-TV show about Best Practices for Shooting Video of Real Estate, it may seem counter-intuitive to not overshoot photos and video and have many choices when you are in front of your computer, you are creating a ton of extra work that's not possible if you are targeting the largest potential pool of real estate agent clients with value pricing.

Watch both WGAN-TV shows about: (get a taste watching the three shorts above)

Editing on the Fly: Workflow Best Practices for Shooting Photos and Videos

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On a personal note, I have known Colin for years. Colin is super-passionate about creating PhotoAndVideoEdits.com to help you succeed faster.



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