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How to Make $$$ Shooting 360º Photo Spheres7096

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
How Make $$$ Shooting 360º Photo Spheres

The following is one example of why you want to buy a 360º 1-click camera and start learning workflow so that you are ready to make money shooting 360º Photo Spheres.

It’s (very) likely that a WGAN Member will need 1,000 commercial spaces shot with a 360º photo sphere camera in 50-100 markets starting mid-June 2018. (Matterport is not the right fit for the Client’s project.)

I did a video chat with the WGAN Member this week about the process of sourcing 360º photographers via the We Get Around Network.

Here’s the plan:

1. The WGAN Member will use the public profiles on the We Get Around Network Find a Pro page to source 360º photographers (WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members have public profiles on the WGAN Network Map).

And, it’s likely that each market will need at least 10 commercial spaces shot (about 25 360º photos of each location).

Not yet a WGAN Basic, Standard or Premium Member? 40+ Membership Benefits | Compare Membership Plans |

2. For markets where there is no Pro with a public profile – likely to be only a few markets – the WGAN Member will email me the specs on the job and I will post it to the WGAN Forum: 360º Pro Wanted: [market name]. (For clarification, this is likely to only be a few markets because there are WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members in most of the top 200 markets.)

While it is easy to learn how to use a 360º 1-Click camera - the workflow is different for each camera. If/when you have the opportunity to shoot 10 jobs in your market of 25 360º photos each, you’ll want to be able to say, yes. I own a [360º 1-click Camera] and have experience using it (and can provide a link to samples (Tip: use ThreeSixty Tours, iStaging or other platform for hosting 360º photos.)

While any of these 360º 1-click cameras will be sufficient for this WGAN Member’s needs, I would wait until after the 2018 Google Street View Summit (30-31 May 2018) in San Francisco and the 2018 IVRPA Conference (28-31 May 2018) in Tokyo. If/when there are any 360º camera announcements at these conferences, we will post them to the WGAN Forum.

While you can export 360º photos from the Matterport Camera, the WGAN Member will not accept this solution because of the blank area in the Zenith (top) of the 360º photo sphere.

The above is just one way to make money with a 360º 1-click camera.



P.S. Tip: Now that you can publish a Matterport 3D Tour to Google Street View, use a 360º 1-click camera for the outdoor 360ºs to connect the road to the business. It's magical when you can locate the business on Google Maps and "drive" in to the restaurant (for example).
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

Another potential Client of WGAN Members via our Find a Pro Referral Network - reached out to me yesterday with a potential need sourcing thousands of Matterport Spaces around the globe - and Matterport is not the right solution.

It's essential that you buy a 360º 1-click camera to begin learning workflow so that when opportunities like this (and the one above that has not begun yet), you will be up-to-speed on shooting 360ºs (not 360º Views with the Matterport Camera).

In the mean time, here are some special offers from WGAN Premium Members that use 360º 1-click cameras:

ThreeSixty Tours
WP3D Models WordPress Plugin


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