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Who Gives A [Redacted] about your MSP Biz?7068

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Who Gives a Crap Premium toilet paper should be the 'roll' model for your Matterport Service Provider.

Hi All,

Who Gives a Crap Premium toilet paper should be the 'roll' model for your Matterport Service Provider.

Regular readers of the WGAN Forum will know that I am all about helping you make your competition irrelevant and that's EXACTLY what this roll of toilet paper does.

The branding and messaging - not the price or quality of the toilet paper matters.

It was gifted to my wife a month ago from a friend that bought a case of it for gifting.

1. Pricing - how often do you compete on price? Buying this roll had nothing to do with comparing pricing of various brands of toilet paper

2. Quality - do you try to differentiate your photography based on quality? Good enough, is good enough for many real estate agents. You can't compete on price, quality or service. These are not differentiators. Did quality of the toilet paper matter when making a decision to buy this toilet paper? Despite saying "Premium" I can not imagine that quality is a reason to buy this toilet paper

3. Pro-Social - do you potential clients know that you will shoot Matterport for free of a non-profit of their choice when you shoot X of their listings? This toilet paper roll says "50% of our profits are donated to build toilets..." That's a powerful statement. Given a choice of buying toilet paper, which one would you buy? Your potential Clients have choices to buy Matterport, why should they buy from you?

4. Word of Mouth - interestingly, for the month that we have had this roll, we've never thought of actually using it. The roll sits in our guest bathroom. What are you doing to create word of mouth marketing for your Matterport Service Provider business?

5. What are you focused on? Who Gives a Crap toilet paper is focused on making the world a better place: not selling toilet paper. Stop focusing on dollhouse view and focused on helping your clients with what matters to them. While I often talk about getting more listings; winning more listing presentations, getting bigger premium listings and doing this all more often, what your Clients may care about is a vacation to Hawaii, making more money to send their kids to college. What motivates your clients? And, that can be different for each client.

One way to begin differentiating your business is to use 3rd party Service providers to enable you to offer additional services that your competition does not.

Gives some thought to why your potential clients should do business with you - rather than your competitors. And, it can't be because of price, quality or service.

What else can you learn about studying Who Gives A Crap Premium Toilet Paper?


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3dvirtualview private msg quote post Address this user
Absolutely Dan!
I believe this is a powerful post. Value Value VALUE is the key.

I am just starting in this business and have not sold anything YET however I helped a lady in an alley wgo stressed that no one finds her place due to Google's wrong Street view. I gave her my service free, first scan ever, and she has been a massive advocate for me now.

A local artist contacted me after seeing the teaser video I posted of her place. Well he is on the marketing board for a 2 month long Art Festival and has $500,000 budget and absolutely wants my service next year PAID. This year ge asked if I can do something to help and showcase my services so he can bring to the voting board in January. Now people say "Free" as a bad thing but I will do this project free this year, share the embed code to all the artist, the SEO kickback will be phenomenal for 2 months and continue for another 10 months until I make thousands from this festival annually.

The power of free - Givers Get More with patience.

Also love number 3 above as I am a big ocean advocate and support many orgs. This would allow me to reach a deeper emotional connection to future clients that I would love to attract.

Thank you for this post

Robert Timmons
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Gerhard private msg quote post Address this user
@DanSmigrod Great clickbait dan, thank you.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by 3dvirtualview
Absolutely Dan!
I believe this is a powerful post. Value Value VALUE is the key.

Thank you. Yes. Blue Ocean Marketing rocks!

On the power of free: Givers Get More with patience ...

You might enjoy, The Heart and Art of NetWeaving.


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