Hi All,

You are an expert Matterport Service Provider.

So why not train your competitors?

Make Money

There are photographers and real estate agents (and large companies that may pay you to help them succeed faster. Get paid for your expertise. Turn down the business? Why? Someone else will get paid to train them.

You Are An Expert

Add "We Train Matterport Service Providers" to your website. Tell the world that you are an expert - an authority on Matterport. Given a choice between two Matterport Service Providers, whom would you want to engage to scan your space? Anyone or the one that trains Matterport Service Providers.

I could imagine getting paid twice to scan the same space: the Client and the Client that wants real world training.

Develop Relationships

If you train a real estate agent, they may decide to engage you instead. If they do buy a Matterport Camera, they may want to engage you when they are on vacation/sick to cover other agents in the office. If it a Matterport Service Provider, you may need to borrow their camera if you have problems. Always nice to begin relationships. Perhaps you have two properties that need scanning at the same time. Now you have a relationship to engage a local Pro (and know that they have been taught by the best).

Why else train your competition? Or, why not?



P.S. Seeking a Matterport Service Provider to train you? See the We Get Around Network Find a Matterport Pro Network Map. Or, Private Message me.