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360DJIOSMOWide Angle Lens

180 Mobile Lens with Osmo Mobile 2 360 Pano6874

imad private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone here had tried to mount a 180 Degree wide angle lens onto a mobile phone and mount that onto a DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and get the 360 Panorama?
I assume with the 180 lens on, we should get a full spherical panorama, which will have advantage over other solutions as follows:

1- Better than 360 cameras in that it produces much higher resolution.
2- Better than DSLR cameras in that it's much faster and more automated and accurate (thanks to DJI).
3- Better than PRO-2 in that you can move freely under the shining sun.

However the above is just a theory that came to my mind and i loved to share with you and i'm so excited to hear your thoughts about it.

How awesome would it be if it really works!

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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
@imad I had a similar idea a month ago but not with a 180 lens. I bought the Osmo Mobile 2 with the Moment wide angle lens and Moment case for my iPhone 7 plus. The problem right now is you can't balance this setup without the proper counterweight. Moment is scheduled to release the counterweight later this summer sometime. I didn't know that when I bought the Osmo 2 and lens. Right now it's unusable until I get the counterweight. I would guess you would have the same problem with a 180 lens.
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advancedhdr private msg quote post Address this user

Ive have used and have owned almost all the Osmo solutions, Osmo+, Osmo, Osmo Mobile, and Osmo M1.
clickable text

All, I have used with an iPhone 7 as a monitor and as a capture devise.

Using the correct software, you will not need a wide angle attached to your iPhone.

It will take 6 rows x 18 photos per..which basically captures everything.

Other good software to use is Litchi for Osmo.

In a nut shell, out of all the above I have owned or used and ended reselling on eBay.. I found the best to be the simple Osmo Mobile and Osmo Plus.

Attaching the iPhone as a monitor seemed kinda redundant, so I found myself using the Mobile M1 or Osmo Mobile 2.

And, I must say, the iPhone takes an AMAZING Video in addition to features the Osmo and Osmo plus does not offer including follow me mode where you can focus on a kitchen sink and move the Osmo around the room on a dolly giving a smooth locked on tracking feature..
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imad private msg quote post Address this user

You're absolutely right, i was just watching a youtuber and he mentioned the same problem:

He managed to add a counter weight to the gimbal (Using Velcro tape), i think by using a precision weighing scale to get the right counter weight of the lens that shouldn't be a problem.

it's great to have an osmo expert in this thread, i've actually seen Litchi, its amazing but as you said i'd also love to use my phone, so you think stiching the 6x18 panos of the OSMO MOBILE 2 shall result in a seamless sphere? have you tried it before?
however i think the 360 with 180 lense shall produce the sphere more quickly with less post work (if it works).
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