Hi All,

I received the following email from a client (as mentioned in this WGAN Forum discussion).


Thanks Dan. I’ll be in touch with you in a day or so about a possible Land deal. We would need to target Chinese investors specifically [I had shared this on Saturday (14 April 2018) to try to help him renew the exclusive on his listing]. The adjacent [redacted] acres has already been sold to Asian investors, but I own the key [redacted] acres entrance to the master planned community. It may require you coming out here and lets taking a preliminary look at the property together to see what you think we could do with it in way of marketing. I would ultimately want to yield [redacted] per acre by selling [redacted] shares to investors. That is what they did with the Neighboring Land.




While the broker did not win the renewal on this residential listing, the offer to help market the property in China sparked the above for a potential new project.

While the agent likely has visual storytellers that would charge far, far less than us, we made the competition irrelevant simply by offering to help the agent list the property for sale on this Chinese real estate portal that requires 3D Tours.

How are you differentiating your marketing plan to make your competition irrelevant?