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A WGAN Member writes me ...


... is [their a] turnkey marketing service that fully automates email drip campaigns with the email content already created for matterport service providers.

The target audience here could be either real estate agents and/or homeowners. I'm aware of CRMs that can execute the tasks but I'm more interested in the actual content and workflows from a turnkey service.

If there is no turnkey service, another option would be to inquire if there is an experienced marketing guru in the forum who is interested in teaming up to create such a workflow that could help our respective businesses.

A final option could be if someone has already created a successful Matterport prospecting workflow that they're willing to share, then I have access to comprehensive databases for millions of US homeowners for any city or neighborhood anywhere in the [United States]. This includes actual homeowners names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and social media profiles. I'm open to combining resources if anyone is interested in discussing a way to work together.


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