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Smartphone + theVRkit + CUPIX + GSV = 3Dtour6607

DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

CUPIX 3D Tour published to Google Street View | 3D Tour by Dan Smigrod

Hi All,

While in Chattanooga attending the Old Time Fiddlers' Convention 2018, my wife patiently waited outside Suite 32 at The Dwell Hotel (for about a half hour), while I created this 3D Tour and on Google Street View (above).

This 3D Tour is a proof of concept showing what you can do today for $62.48 in 1x gear purchase with no CUPIX charge for processing (during beta).


1. theVRkit Bluetooth Controlled Rotator Mount (
2. iPhone 6 (theVRkit is compatible with all Smartphones except iPhone 8, 8+, iPhone X)
3. theVRkit Universal 160-degree Fisheye Clip-On Lens ((
4. theVRkit app (free) iOS | Google Play Store
4. Tripod
5. CUPIX platform (free during BETA)
6. Google account (free to publish the CUPIX 3D Tour to Google Street View
7. Nadir Tripod Patch (for Google Street View)
8. Optional Extra: Blue-Sketch created the 2D Floor Plan from the CUPIX 3D Tour (Please see below. Thanks @PetraSoderling)

What I learned from this 3D Tour shoot (and Tips)

1. I am super-lucky to have a patience wife to wait for me to do shoots like this
2. theVRkit Rotator and fish-eye lens - I did not read the app instructions. I got lucky that the default setting was for theVRkit fish-eye lens that Elie-Gregoire Khoury founder of theVRkit - and a WGAN Premium Member (@egkhoury) - sent me (gratis)
3. iPhone 6 created 3D Tour looks great on my iPhone 8 Plus; not sho sharpe on a laptop
4. When using Blue-Tooth, the rotating speed is always the same; regardless of the manual setting
5. CUPIX - workflow is relatively easy-peasy. I did need help to know to do a right-click to connect some scans (two-finger tap on my Macbook Pro).

@scott_cupix let me know that I could have done 15 photos instead of 28 "There is no harm in taking more photos. It just takes more time to take more photos with diminishing returns." Here's how I created the animation in the CUPIX 3D Tour. After doing it once, you "get it" ...

I liked that I was able to enhance the color saturation and Vibrance. While I did not use the blur tool; looks easy enough. .... When publishing to Google Street View, be patience. Blurring and burning in the nadir logo patch take some time. Perhaps CUPIX will be able to change the spinning ball to a progress bar

6. Blue-Sketch created the 2D Floor plans - need to invite Blue-Sketch as a Collaborator in CUPIX Workshop and do two reference measurements (wall-to-wall)

Video: How to Create the Animation in the CUPIX 3D Tour | Video courtesy of CUPIX

How to Blur and Adjust the Color in a CUPIX 3D Tour | Video courtesy of CUPIX

We Get Around Network Nadir Logo Patch

2D Schematic Floor Plans with Furniture Placement by Blue-Sketch

How to publish CUPIX tour to Google Maps | Video Curtesy of CUPIX

Great Southern Old Time Fiddlers' Convention 2018 and Chattanooga Old Fiddlers' Association | 360º Video by Dan Smigrod (Ricoh Theta S) To see my Facebook Livestreams (iPhone 8 Plus) from the competition (recorded), check out my Facebook ( "Dan Smigrod" ) and scroll down to Saturday, 10 March 2018.
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egkhoury private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you Dan for your valuable feedback on theVRkit.
Here are a few comments that might help improving the experience:
- new kits (compatible with all phones) are available to order on
- using an iPhone6 leads to a 4K image, but any more recent phone (SE, 6S) will get you a sharper 8K
- the 180S lens that comes with the new kit has no blind spot, no patch on nadir/zenith
- multi-bracketed HDR is available in rotator mode (not in handheld for now)

We are constantly updating the app and hardware for better quality. You can contact me anytime for further info.

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Super-excited about these two new features:

Originally Posted by @egkhoury
- the 180S lens that comes with the new kit has no blind spot, no patch on nadir/zenith
- multi-bracketed HDR is available in rotator mode (not in handheld for now)

Very exciting.


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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

From a related WGAN Forum discussion:

theVRkit update (2 May 2018)

Originally Posted by @egkhoury
Promoted Post

Hi all,

Here is an update about theVRkit, the solution to turn any smartphone into a 360 Camera:

Here is the Pro Kit:

- theVRkit rotator compatible with all phones (including iPhone X)
- 180S clip-on fish-eye lens, works with all phones, leaves no blind spots
- theVRkit app on iOS and Android with HDR capture (High Dynamic Range) for great results, specially in low lighting conditions, to create 8K 360 images

You can get it on for only 99.99 USD, including a free pair of VR glasses (plastic foldable, holds in your pocket) and free shipment (3-5 days).
With the promo code (24W5SP18), you get instantly a discount of 5 USD on your purchase.

Additionally, a beta app for video capture/streaming in 4K is available on iOS only. The rotator spins to capture a 4K image, then the front part is inserted as a video in real-time.

Ready to answer all your questions.

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