Hi All,

When I wrote this post a year ago, I incorrectly assumed that Matterport would compensate us for the use of "our" data.

Matterport: Getting a Mortgage Loan in 3 Day

Even if you disagree with how I described the Mortgage process could work, the point that this is an example of the power of the data that we capture with the Matterport Camera.

I have reprinted the entire post below:



Matterport Enables Getting a Mortgage Loan in 3 Days

Hi All,

Matterport is the missing link to getting a mortgage approved in three days - instead of six weeks.

Not today: but 10 years from now seems reasonable.

(And, another reason why Google will buy Matterport.)

For those of us that have bought homes - especially those of us that are self employed - we have experienced the pain and suffering of the horrible, inefficient mortgage loan process. nothing about the process makes sense (from a home buyer's perspective).

I imagine a day when all these inefficiencies disappear with blockchain tech mashed up with back-office automation, with one potential exception. The one manual process that seems impossible to overcome is the appraisal process.

Enter Matterport.

Imagine that we (all) are helping Matterport map the world of indoor, residential spaces.

Now image that the scanning data captured (by the Matterport Camera) can be mashed up with image recognition tech to enable a computer to:

✓ Calculate square feet
✓ Calculate bedrooms, living rooms and living spaces
✓ Count bathrooms
✓ Count built-in appliances
✓ Count heated spaces
✓ Count and recognize any and everything that ‘matters’ to the inside appraisal process

Now imagine that Google acquires Matterport (previous discussion here) and now has mapped the world of indoor and outdoor spaces: all easily served up as an API. (While these computer files remain large, Moore's Law continues to be true and cost of data storage is De minimis.

Reducing the mortgage processing time to just a few days from many weeks is just one powerful example of the value of the Matterport data in this equation. (And why Google will buy Matterport.)

Scanning data is the key that unlocks so many possibilities and is the reason that Matterport has dodged questions about ownership of "our" data.

Fast forward 10 years. How else might the Matterport scanning data be used?


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