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Matterport Capture App - International621

BabluN private msg quote post Address this user

I will be getting the camera shortly but I am not able to find the Matterport Capture app on the App Store...? Could someone please guide me as to how to download the app...? Any link...?
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Pete private msg quote post Address this user


Here the link below
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BabluN private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Pete,

Thanks for the link, but I just figured out that the Matterport Capture app is only available for download in the US App Store, and asks me to switch stores, when I do so it tells me that My device is not from that location, I just bought this iPad yesterday and this is my first Apple device, so not sure what needs to be done, please help...?
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BabluN private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Pete,

Just went through the link you posted, it answered my question, Thank you!
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
@BabluN I'm in Canada and was able to download the capture app with the Canadian app store, so maybe I was lucky...

I found this link which explains how to get U.S. apps in non-U.S. countries... it's older though, so not sure if all the steps are still valid:

You can always make a request to Matterport that they release the capture app in your country's app store, but I can't imagine they'd do that overnight if at all.

Hope you find a way that works for you...
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Andrew private msg quote post Address this user

1. Enter app store on your device
2. Tap Apple ID button
3. In the open form tap "View account" (or something same)
4. Tap form "Conutry/region"
5. Tap "Change"
6. Choose US
7. Tap "Agree"
8. In form "Title" choose "Any"
9. In form "ZIP" enter any US ZIP code (5 digits)
10. Tap "Next"


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BabluN private msg quote post Address this user
Queen_City_3D and Andrew, thank you for your responses. Will try to change countries and then try. Will update on how it went...Thanks again guys...!
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Bobby private msg quote post Address this user
Hello Andrew,

Your options do not work as it asks for a US credit card. This is a real problem as the option to select 'NONE' used to be there but it is not now. I have models I need to finish off and cannot update. App was crashing so Matterport suggested that I update... Someone please help!
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Andrew private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Bobby,
To update the Capture app, you don't need credit card. So, do steps above, in form Card details tap None. Download (update) the app. After, change back your contry and card details.
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Pete private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Bobby,

I had just tried to open a new account with itunes.
by clicking on the sign in button in itunes it's seems to disable the none payment option here the steps to work around this problem

1. Start Apple iTunes on your Mac or PC
2.Select the iTunes store from the left window pane
3. Log out of your current iTunes Store if logged in, using the log out link on the far right of the iTunes menu bar
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Change Country from the iTunes Settings. There will be a little Australian flag that you click on and change to United States
5. Click on App Store and download any free app available
6. Click Continue, then Agree to the Terms
7. Set up the account with an email address that has not been registered with any other Apple iTunes account
8. Pick a password for your new account, select and answer the security questions, & select any date of birth
9. Make sure the Payment type selected is “None”. Do NOT enter your Credit Card details. Instead enter a valid US iTunes Card Code
10. Enter any valid US address and any ten digits for a phone number.

Hope this helps
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport announced today (10 September 2015) in an eBlast to its customers ...


The Matterport Capture App is now available in international Apple App Stores!

We are pleased to announce that the Matterport Capture app is now available from Apple’s international app stores! To find the Matterport Capture app, search “matterport” in your local Apple App Store.


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