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Handling/Pricing for special MP Projects5278

Franklin, NC
Joelbcollins private msg quote post Address this user
Hello all!

2 Questions for you all:

is for those of you that handle a lot of long-term MP projects (ie hotels, conventions, large buildings etc.). Projects that will be hosted on-going and not taken down after the sale of a home (as with many realtor gigs). How do you handle pricing for such projects? Add a % to regular rate? How do you handle hosting fees if they do not care to open & maintain their own account?

How do you handle boat/ship/airplane/car shoots? Square footage obviously is much lower (in most cases) but the difficulty and time taken could be higher. Do you just bill for time and approximate how long it will take for shoot & post-work time and then apply an hourly rate?

I appreciate you all and learn for you all daily! Thanks @dansmigrod for creating this space for us all!

Much respect!
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Boone, North Carolina
DouglasMeyers private msg quote post Address this user
Some of my larger clients I will look at time, amount of scans and the strength of the company to pay top dollar, and thats just me ...
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Franklin, NC
Joelbcollins private msg quote post Address this user
@DouglasMeyers Thank you for your response!
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fullpreview private msg quote post Address this user
@Joelbcollins - not that the way I do it is best for you or anyone else, but for Active Businesses with a perpetual hosting... let's say so that the tour is one their website or anywhere else online indefinitely, I use a subscription model as shown here:

The exception to this will be when Matteport injects the button/link into our accounts for publishing a tour to Google Business Views for business listings.. then, of course, a business could choose either a flat rate for ONLY the Google Business Option or the subscription [we will include the Google Business View as a feature offered with the subscription AND the Google Business View stays, even if they cancel the subscription]

To make a case for selling subscriptions: By using a "micro-continuity" subscription, you are building up operating cash flow with predictability. Do ten tours with a subscription of $19/month and now you have $190/month constant cash flow. Do 100 and you have $1,900/month. You get the point.

Why is this important?: When you have operating cash, you can either more cameras and hire help that will either scan or do after shoot processing. Also, that operating cash lets you scan and invoice for some clients that you have to wait on payments from... 15/30/60 day net billing.

As for properties including yachts and jets for sale or rent, square feet billing is the easiest for clients to understand and even simpler if you avoid the pennies per sq feet in favor of a range/charge.

Hope this helps!
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