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Threat to Matterport Users?527

Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
I came across the following article on INMAN (I subscribe to the real estate news site)... Wonder what the implications are for Matterport Users:

InsideMaps photorealistic 3-D models won’t require special camera: 3-D provider touts coming product as cheap alternative to Matterport
By Teke Wiggin Teke Wiggin tkwiggin Aug 3, 2015


New photorealistic 3-D model product will be available in late August.
The 3-D product does not require an expensive camera; it can be produced using a regular camera and tripod.
The 3-D product may be cheaper than models produced by leading 3-D provider Matterport.
Real estate agents and marketers will soon be able to produce photorealistic 3-D models using a regular camera, rather than hardware that costs thousands of dollars.

Software built by 3-D provider InsideMaps will begin rendering photos captured by wide-lens SLR cameras into lifelike representations near the end of August, according to InsideMaps CEO George Bolanos.

Like other 3-D models, the immersive visualizations will let prospective buyers virtually explore a listing without visiting the home in person, potentially increasing the quality of buyers who request showings.

InsideMaps 3-D models will represent an alternative to those produced by Matterport.

Real estate agents and marketers are using Matterport’s camera and software to produce 3-D models for more than 10,000 listings every month, according to Matterport CEO Bill Brown. Matterport recently raised an additional $30 million that it’s using to improve integration of its models with virtual reality devices and allow third-party developers to add enhancements to its models.

New photorealistic 3-D model product will be available in late August.

Bolanos said that the primary advantage of InsideMaps 3-D models is that they will be cheaper than Matterport’s models because they don’t require the use of Matterport’s $4,500 camera.

Whether they’ll look just as realistic as Matterport’s models (Bolanos says they will) and include a multiple-floor dollhouse view that’s just as compelling as Matterport’s remains to be seen. The product isn’t available yet, and only a prototype is featured in the video below.

Real estate agents or marketers can use any wide-lens SLR camera placed on any type of tripod to capture the 200 to 300 photographs needed for InsideMaps to create a 3-D model of a 2,500-square-foot house, according to Bolanos. He said the process to create a model for a home of that size should take about an hour and 15 minutes.

To conclude that you need to purchase Matterport’s camera to get one of its models would be a mistake. You can often pay a marketer as little as $200 to produce a Matterport model.

But Bolanos says he thinks photographers will charge even less for InsideMaps models because they won’t be passing on some of the cost of Matterport’s camera.

InsideMaps models are capable of capturing outdoor spaces in full sunlight. Matterport’s camera has had trouble with that because sunlight can jam its infrared sensors, which collect readings that Matterport combines with photographs to create its models. (InsideMaps models are based on photographs alone.)

But Brown said Matterport will unveil improvements that “expand” its camera’s outdoor capture capability in the next couple of months.

InsideMaps has partnered with a number of brokerages, including Sereno Group, to furnish real estate agents with 3-D models that weren’t photorealistic but allowed viewers to change the furniture and colors of rooms.

Its software also generates floor plans that are 98 percent accurate, according to Bolanos. The startup will now augment those offerings with its new, lifelike 3-D models.

Rather than directly target real estate brokerages, InsideMaps is now focused more on partnering with photographers serving agents and brokerages. The company will soon announce some partnerships with large photographer networks reflecting that strategy, he said.
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RealEstateReadines private msg quote post Address this user
The one thing I do not see in this video that I think is the key to the Matterport is the layout and dollhouse view. Still images is still how people search for a home. When they run across the dollhouse view it grabs their attention and allows them to quickly see how the home is constructed without spending 5 minutes going on a tour. Without being able to produce this, it is a lower grade option for the consumer.
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Morten private msg quote post Address this user
G'day Queen_City_3D,

Looks very much like standard panoramas. Where is the 3D model? Did I miss something?

I think a good alternative to Matterport is and this seems very similar. It still doesn't create the beautiful Dollhouse model, seems to take longer to load, and certainly couldn't (at this stage) convert to a VR Tour.

I firmly believe that the Matterport product is in a league of it's own at the moment.

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AltitudeCinematic private msg quote post Address this user
The good thing about that versus Matterport though is that you would have much better resolution and I assume can edit the photos to you liking which is another plus.. Matterport isn't doing anything in terms of the virtual tour. That has been around for along time in various forms but the use of dollhouse and floorplan view are added and also the .obj files etc.... Matterport just brought a different package to virtual tour in my opp... But with all the things they promised originally, that's why I wanted the Matterport camera... especially the changing wall colors, floors etc... They need to make that happen, be able to have your logo instead of theirs etc to stay ahead. Otherwise more and more competition will push them less and less in favor. I still think Matterport is an awesome way of selling a home and if they continue to bring things they have promised originally ... great.
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andreabortolot private msg quote post Address this user
..also the movement between points it's not smooth. It gives you the sensation to be far and too fast.
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vincent private msg quote post Address this user
The best part of this from my view is automatic production of the CAD floor plan. But you cannot see on their site how that is done. That its produced automatically is also not mentioned.
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RenderingSpace private msg quote post Address this user
Yawn. Same as all the other alternatives.
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Bellevue, Washington
Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
If I were Matterport, I'd focus on the magic of their software. The writing is on the walls that the hardware is not going to be a big differentiator in the future, and prices are coming down. I think they are smart embracing threats like Google Project Tango, which allows you to scan a room in 3D using a simple device. The quality might not be there yet, but it's a matter of time that everybody will be able to do basic scans with their tablets / phones.

That said, software is what makes them stand out. A great, smooth User Experience requires a lot of R&D, and I wouldn't be surprised if they morph over time into a media enabling company, that goes well beyond real estate.
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