Hi All,

As reported else where in the We Get Around Network Forum today (18 July 2017), Matterport may be desperate, resulting in Matterport offering scans directly to real estate agents for as low as $0.0598 SQ FT in a test market in San Francisco:

Matterport now pricing their own 3Dscan cost
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Should you buy a Matterport Camera?

I could imagine that Matterport that Matterport VCs originally said:

✓ scale the business as quick as possible
✓ pursue all marketing channels simultaneously
✓ acquire companies to gain quicker market dominance
✓ scale internationally as quick as possible
✓ pursue many verticals simultaneously

And, then, when Matterport became top-heavy with Vice Presidents - all competing for the same scare tech resources - and the rate of growth was not meeting projects, the VCs said:

1. set the pricing as a commodity
2. do business directly with agents to offer scans (and cut out the Pros)

And, thus, have instantly sent a message to the Pro Community that they simply do not Matter. And - unintended consequences - instantly sent a message to any real estate agent that thought that they might be able to start a side business offering Matterport, decide that it is simply not worth buying the Camera, because the ancillary potential revenue is not there.

Do you think Matterport is desperate and, if so, why?

Please share your thoughts here:

Matterport now pricing their own 3Dscan cost